How to start your own podcast-Best way to start a podcast

Have you ever thought about starting your own podcast?Best way to start a podcast

If so, welcome in what I think is the most comprehensive and user-friendly guide for creating your own podcast.Best way to start a podcast

There are so many good reasons to start a podcast. This is a great way to expand your business, have relationships with other managers in your room, deepen your relationship with your audience and much more.Best way to start a podcast

Podcasting has risen explosively in recent years, but just because the market is competitive does not mean that you should avoid a podcast. In fact, the average listener hears five different podcasts a week, so there’s no reason why you’re not part of the mix.

Below we will start by starting a podcast from the beginning, without any indication of creating your first episode.Best way to start a podcast

Why you should perform a podcast-Best way to start a podcast

Of course you can have a lot of resistance when starting a podcast. The fear of talking and making contact with strangers is a great fear for most of us. In addition to internal battles, there are some technical requirements, such as recording and editing episodes that are related to emissions that add episodes of a podcast to your site and more.Best way to start a podcast

We do not emphasize these general opposition points to scare you, but show you that you are not alone. Even today’s largest subcategories had to overcome the same fears and lack of knowledge when they started.Best way to start a podcast

If you’re still on the fence, watch some of the sessions, why you should start a podcast below.

Improved website traffic
Podcasting can be a great way to send more traffic to your site. According to Convince and Convert, more than 67 million Americans are podcast listeners every month. This is a huge amount of people, chances are that people will find you through a podcast, eager to find out more about what you are doing.Best way to start a podcast

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income even discovered that most of his readers learned about their blog through the podcast. If you are looking for a way to improve your traffic, podcasting can be a great car to help you get there.Best way to start a podcast

A deeper relationship with the audience
Chances are that not everyone you follow will be a good reader. The public will probably prefer to use content in different formats. Those who prefer to listen will stay long and dry until you start your podcast.Best way to start a podcast

In addition to enjoying the audience by giving them audio content, you can also connect with the audience at a deeper level. By hearing your voice, you can build a deeper connection than just writing.Best way to start a podcast

The ability to connect with influential people
If you try to participate in the radar of influential people, but without success, it might be time to try out podcasting. If you have a large number of downloads and the podcast is gaining popularity, you will find that it is easier to get high-profile guests in their podcast.

The appearance of a podcast guest does not take much extra effort for your guests, more than just investing in time. They appear, answer questions and tell about their work to a new and diverse audience.Best way to start a podcast

Having a high quality podcast can be a solid value creation and help you go in the door with people you would otherwise find difficult to contact.

Create business opportunities
Your podcast is not a huge financial resource for your company, but can be profitable in itself. First, when you reach a certain number of downloads, you can accept advertisers and sponsorships for your show. This will help compensate the existing costs for your show and become a valuable income stream.

In addition to the potential to go straight from an episode that comes in, you get a lot of extra benefits that will help you develop your business. For example, when you interview senior guests, you increase your confidence and increase your confidence with your audience.Best way to start a podcast

Podcasting also helps you improve your overall traffic and expand your target audience, which can be of great value to your business.

Improved communication skills
Improving your communication skills will help every aspect of your business. Whether you are running a webinar to sell a high-end product or service. Or on the phone with a potential customer who is trying to close the sale. Being able to communicate clearly and effectively will make a major contribution to improving these conversations.Best way to start a podcast

Let’s talk about topics that surround the market, but you’ll also better understand what you do and what value you add to the lives of their customers.

Before you start a podcast-Best way to start a podcast

Before we start making nuts and bolts to start a podcast, it is important to cover a number of mood changes. You will want to take your heart for it if you want the podcast to stand out. We are in podcasting in the golden age, but it also means that everyone and their grandmother now have a podcast.Best way to start a podcast

The only way to get over the sound is to be better than the sound, the following tips will help you with that.Best way to start a podcast

Go outside the comfort zone
No one listens to your podcast if you only interview friends and family. Unless you are incredibly well connected and you are friends with Barack Obama. But if you are like most, you try to get in touch with guests who scare you.Best way to start a podcast

Make a list of dream guests for your podcast. Do not be afraid to reach people that you think are inaccessible or come from your competition. Of course you may not be able to get these guests directly to your show, but after a sufficient time, they can just say “yes”.

See if you can find new and creative ways to reach your guests. Don’t be afraid to ask to date the people you’ve just had in the show. The presentation of the reference of someone you have just interviewed is much more valuable than being cold.Best way to start a podcast

Remember that this is not the last line
When you go to an interview-based podcast, many guests are contacted. One thing you have to get used to is that people say no.

But just because you don’t get it once does not mean that you have to stop asking. Most people cannot even answer your request for the first time. Do not be afraid to follow or find new ways to reach the man.Best way to start a podcast

You may have sent an e-mail, but they may have help to filter all unknown interview requests. The most important point is to find a channel that you are trying to reach to actually use the channel. Finally, don’t be afraid to reach more than once, not even afterwards. This can be a conflict on time, or they can stop the interviews for months. Sustainability is the key.

Connect to the story
It doesn’t matter which podcast you do, you will tell as many stories as possible. Let your guests share stories about their lives if you do an podcast on an interview basis. As people we connect with history and by sending information in a story-based format it would be much easier for guests to learn.Best way to start a podcast

If with more than one podcast based on information you just want you and the microphone to find ways to make the information interesting. Get the hardcore story from the podcast, rather than just a list of historical facts, host Dan Carlin is able to make a compelling story and this in turn helped to make her very popular podcast.

Always listen
It makes no sense to cough a podcast if you don’t listen to your guests. Most of the guests you want on your show have been in podcasts before. One thing you want to avoid is simply repeating the same story or answers you gave during your last interview.Best way to start a podcast

This interview may be the last time you talk to this guy so you don’t lose him. What hot questions do you have for your guest? Did they say something interesting that is just hidden? Ask for it.

Be aware of what they are saying and do not be afraid to investigate something that arouses your interest.Best way to start a podcast

Think why
This part can actually be recorded to reach the guests. Before you visit, it’s a good idea to give your guests a reason to say yes. If you use a different podcast, it will be difficult to convince your guests.Best way to start a podcast

Maybe your podcast is a perfect overlap of the audience that they are now? Perhaps you offer a unique perspective that has not been done elsewhere? Whatever it is, find some reasons why it would be useful for your guest to talk to you time.

Tie for long journeys
Before you make a leap in podcasting, you have to participate in the long term. The podcast is much more than just an overview of people who talk. Some podcasts are, but not the best.Best way to start a podcast

Podcasting can be extremely useful, but these benefits usually require a lot of time to take effect. You not only have to master the technical field of podcasting, together with the almighty guests, but you also have to participate in a regular release schedule.

Your listeners need to know when they can expect a new episode from you. Make a plan and stick to it, even if the results are not as fast as you want.

Install the above tips and you are on your way to create high-quality podcasts that your listeners will appreciate while at the same time being valuable to your guests.Best way to start a podcast

How to start a podcast-Best way to start a podcast

When you have gone that far, you are convinced that podcasting is the right step for you and your company. Below we will go through the entire process, lack of an idea to record and upload your first episodes.Best way to start a podcast

Plan your podcast
If you already have a website and want to add a podcast, you probably already have a place where you work. Just take the same alcove and use it in the podcast room.Best way to start a podcast

If you have not started online yet, spend a little more time on the niche selection phase. In general, your niche is a small part of a smaller market that you want to focus on. So, instead of making a general health and well-being podcast, you create a podcast that helps middle-aged men practice yoga in their daily lives.Best way to start a podcast

The questions below will help you reduce your niche and help you find a topic for which you want to podcast:

• What can I talk about in the late night?

• What do I like to talk about when I have the opportunity?Best way to start a podcast

• What problems will I solve for my listeners?

• What theme can I talk for years without getting burned or bored?

• Which influential people will dream of contact?

Select a name
Your podcast name is incredibly important, but many starting podcasts tend to overlook their value. Your podcast name is with you in the long term and plays an important role in your brand.Best way to start a podcast

You can give your podcast a random name, but if you are new, it becomes harder to get a grip. A better approach is to mention your podcast, which actually gives your listeners an idea of ​​what your podcast is.

If you have an existing brand name, you can always use this name for your podcast, but you have not saved it. You may want to use more memorable and smart names for shows, but don’t forget to add a description that contains keywords that indicate what your show is.Best way to start a podcast

A great way to find a good name is to study your space and see what is most popular and often called podcasts. You will probably be able to choose a number of topics that share all names.

When uploading your name, make sure you have registered the domain name, so in case the podcast becomes popular, you’ll see a combat domain later.

Your podcast format
Most podcasts have a similar episode. The biggest difference is whether you want to make an interview based show or not. You don’t have to copy the same format as other podcasts, but it can be useful to create a specific episode format. This will help to keep all your episodes the same, even though the content of each episode will be different.Best way to start a podcast

Below is a general podcast format that you can use if you want:

  1. Introduction to a voice or theme
  2. All messages and repeating segments
  3. Interview with a guest
  4. Final thoughts about the episode
  5. Outro

The structure that you use depends on whether or not you are creating content. Along the way, you can even enable ads that are usually shown during the introduction and sometimes during the interview.Best way to start a podcast

You usually choose one of the following formats to appear in your show.

1 – Co-host: in this screen style you have multiple hosts. You can record interviews or show that you are talking about a subject.

2 – Solo: in a solo show only you and the microphone. This type of broadcast is usually used for entertainment or educational purposes, where you transfer knowledge about a subject.Best way to start a podcast

3 – Interview: During the interview you can see that you and the guest. You will usually ask them a number of work-related questions and the audience will leave with valuable knowledge of the man and their unique skills or craft.

Length of the episode
The length of each episode depends on the type of content that you produce. The last thing you want to do is increase the length of each episode by filling it with filler material. This is the fastest way to drill the audience and annoy new listeners. You can choose from a wide range of episodes of podcast lengths, but most episodes of podcasts usually last 20 to 45 minutes.Best way to start a podcast

Length is not as important if your content is unaffordable. For example, if you have a 45-minute kill episode, you don’t have to shorten it to 20 minutes. The opposite is also true if you have 15 minutes of solid content, don’t let it run for 15 minutes with unnecessary fill material.

Plan for release
How often you play is not as important as keeping to a consistent schedule. If you release a new episode once a month, it’s hard to get a grip. The more often you release more material to promote, the faster you will benefit from your podcast.Best way to start a podcast

But don’t forget that making a good podcast takes a lot of work. It is better to make a podcast of higher quality more often than to hurry to make a podcast, just to stay with the frequent schedule of production.

Be honest with yourself and over time you must make an episode and adjust the timeline accordingly.Best way to start a podcast

Take the podcast principles into place-Best way to start a podcast

Below you will learn how to lay a solid foundation for your podcast. A lot applies to podcasting, which only records a conversation. Below you will learn how to create impressive work from a podcast, how to create a podcast site and what kind of microphone and editing software is worthwhile.Best way to start a podcast

Podcast production
The work of your podcast is just as important as your title. Think of the work of your podcast as a book cover. It must represent your podcast while attracting the attention of your visitor. When the listener searches for new podcasts to listen to, they are the first to look at them.Best way to start a podcast

Most iTunes podcast lists eventually use the smaller version of podcast artwork, which looks like this. So it should look good even if it shrinks.

When considering your podcast artwork, remember the following:

• It must be recognizable and enticing on a small scale.Best way to start a podcast

• The podcast name must be clearly legible. Avoid long titles.

• The photos you use on your cover must properly display your podcast.

If you don’t write a designer, you can order projects from freelance portals such as 99Designs or Fiverr if you don’t have a lot of money to invest.

Receive a microphone

Fortunately, it doesn’t cost you a fortune to invest in a sturdy microphone. When you start, you probably won’t invest a lot of money in podcasts.Best way to start a podcast

Some cheaper options that still offer you good sound quality are called USB microphones. They can be connected directly to the USB port and make shooting extremely easy. View some of our recommendations below.Best way to start a podcast

  1. Blue snowball mic
  2. Audio Technica ART2100
  3. Samson Q2U

If you are looking for a better podcasting microphone, the following is a good choice. Just know that you want to invest a little more in your microphone settings.Best way to start a podcast

  1. Rode Procaster
  2. Blue Yeti

Make a website for your podcast

Although it uploads podcasts in iTunes, Soundcloud and other sources, it is always a good idea to have a foundation for all the work. If you have an existing podcast, you can add a separate podcast page to show all your episodes, or include your episodes in your existing blogs.Best way to start a podcast

If you don’t have a website yet, you want to buy a domain name that matches the podcast name and create a simple website to host some of your episodes. Instead of guiding you through each step, there are some useful resources to help you build your own.Best way to start a podcast

How to make a website

  • Best hosting for WordPress sites
  • The best builders

Just remember that you want the podcast image to match the brand on your existing site.

Selection of recording and editing software

When it comes to recording a podcast, you have several options. As with the above microphone selections, this depends on your total budget and technical expertise.Best way to start a podcast

If you use one of the USB microphones listed above, you can connect the microphone to your computer and you are done. You only need audio software that allows you to record and edit your podcast.

One of the most used audio programs is Audacity. You can download it for free and give you the tools you need to save, edit and post your episodes.

If you are a Mac user, it is possible that GarageBand has already been installed by a number of users. However, keep in mind that GarageBand does not offer the same level of depth editing functions as a tool like Audacity.Best way to start a podcast

You can also use paid software, such as Abode Audition, a high-level audio tool. Since Adobe is a more advanced tool, the learning curve will be a little steep, but will offer you features that allow you to create a highly professional audio podcast.

If you interview and record interviews via Skype, you need recording software such as Skype Auto Recorder. Once you have saved the interview, you can easily upload the file directly to a tool such as Audacity for editing.Best way to start a podcast

Attract the guests-Best way to start a podcast

If you start without a large audience, interviews with guests can be a great way to increase your audience. To start with, it’s a good idea to have a combination of large and small guests. Larger guests help you trust your podcast, although they cannot always share the interview with the audience.

But younger guests share the interview more often, making the podcast a new audience.Best way to start a podcast

Make sure that different podcast episodes are ready to play before you start. This will help you free up time to pick up and create new podcast episodes without meeting new guests or missing podcast deadlines.

It can be useful to create an e-mail template that you can use to reach new podcast guests. However, it can be useful to upload the radar before sending a cold e-mail. Even something as simple as tuitirane and content sharing, commenting on their blog or participating in Facebook, will help them put their face on the name.Best way to start a podcast

Create podcasts-Best way to start a podcast

With all the main elements of the podcast, it takes some time to produce your podcast. The steps below guide you through the process of reaching, editing and uploading your podcast.

You want your podcast to be a conversation instead of a word for word script. But instead of thinking about your script as a film scenario, consider it as an overview. You will not write anything you say, but instead make a global overview of your votes.Best way to start a podcast

If you are nervous in front of the microphone with a script in front of you, you may feel less nervous and stay out of the keyboard. If you use an interview-based podcast, it may be useful to have some basic questions that you want to ask. New questions will come up during the interview, but placing a list to choose from will ensure that there is no mute in the conversation.Best way to start a podcast

Recording your podcast is fairly easy. Especially if you use a USB microphone and recording software such as Audacity. All you have to do is connect the microphone to your computer, open the software and press a disk.Best way to start a podcast

If you import something that you previously registered as a Skype interview, you can easily import the audio file into the editing software you selected.

To spend
Your podcast is the time to start editing. The quality of your editing will help or hinder the success of your podcast. High-quality editing will turn your professional audio into a podcast, and low-quality editing will make your podcast sound like an amateur.

With today’s competitive podcasting landscapes, it is much harder to succeed with a low-quality podcast.Best way to start a podcast

The steps you take depend on the software you are editing. You usually make the following changes to improve the quality of your audio file.

Normalize the volume to take high peaks.
Close or edit existing background noise.
Clear stuttering, large conversation hatches or other things that reduce the sound quality.Best way to start a podcast

Choose music
The podcast should not use music, but if you listen to a number of podcasts you will find that a lot of them use music as their theme during their intro. This ensures that the podcast sounds a bit more professional.

If you want to make music, search for inventory music or free royalties. This allows you to edit and place your own sound on the music without legal problems. If you are a musically gifted friend, ask him or her to make a musical intro for you, but if you can’t do that, check out the Music Bakery site and write music.Best way to start a podcast

Upload your podcast-Best way to start a podcast

When the podcast is ready, there must be room for hosting media files. There are several options that you can use for podcasts. Some of the most popular are listed below:

  • SoundCloud
  • Libsyn
  • Podbean
  • Podomatic
  • intimate

Soundcloud is a great opportunity because it contains a very high quality media player and offers very competitive prices for beginners. You can also make your podcast publicly available on the Soundcloud site, which can lead to new listeners.Best way to start a podcast

If you also want to place podcast episodes on your existing site, you can easily do that with Soundcloud.

Including comments for viewing your site

If you have your own website that is linked to the podcast, you want to embed each episode in your site and view notes for viewing. You can post your epic by using one of the above multimedia hosting options. But Soundcloud makes it easy. Follow the steps below to enter Soundcloud:Best way to start a podcast

  1. Go to the Soundcloud podcast episode that you uploaded.
  2. Click on the Share and embed option and you will see HTML code that you can copy and paste on your site.
  3. Create a new blog on your site and copy the zip code.
  4. Under the audio file you can create your own blog post or simply place the podcast transcript below.

You can find information about the show, turn on the word “word for word” or transcribe it, or you can create an entire blog post about the topic that collects the best bits of information. You can experiment with both to see what the audience resonates with the most.Best way to start a podcast

Upload to iTunes
You can upload your podcast to a number of podcast directories that can help you improve the reach of your podcast. Like Stitcher and Blubrry, but the only place where you really need to upload your podcast is iTunes.

The steps below help you ensure that your podcast is included in iTunes:

  1. Ensure that the podcast information is correct. This includes the title, description, author name and album cover. You check these settings in the media hosting service that you use to host your podcast.
  2. Copy the RSS feed to the podcast from the podcast that you selected. This is what iTunes will use to upload new podcast episodes to your iTunes page. You also want to make sure that podcasting is valid.
  3. Open iTunes and select the Podcasts option.
  4. Locate the Podcast shortcuts section and click “Podcast”. Copy the RSS feed into the box and click Next.
  5. Your podcast has already been sent to iTunes. It may take a while for your podcast to appear when each feed is displayed manually. It is also important to upload multiple episodes before sending the podcast to iTunes. When new listeners come across the podcast, it’s much more likely to hear if the issue has more than one episode.

Optimize episodes and descriptions
One thing to do for every episode is to create a compelling title and description. If you have a popular guest, you will certainly highlight them. But otherwise you focus on the benefits your listener gets when he listens to your episode.Best way to start a podcast

When someone uses iTunes podcast searches, individual podcasts with episodes appear. So make sure you include all relevant keywords in the title and description.Best way to start a podcast

Promote podcasts-Best way to start a podcast

If you want your podcast to succeed, you have to do a lot of promotions. You cannot expect that your podcast will only grow without help, unless you have already built up a large and involved audience in other ways.

A good tool to promote your podcast is to create multiple media channels from every episode that you produce. For example, you can turn the episode into a blog, guest blog post to another website, a variety of social media updates, or even cool shared photos.Best way to start a podcast

In addition to converting content to multiple media formats, you also have other options:

Now for guests and have them share the podcast episode with the public.
Ask the audience if they want to preview iTunes on your podcast.
Create a number of guest blogs for your podcast topic with a link to your podcast site.
Search for other podcasts to become a guest on podcasts.
Increase your audience with marketing content, advertisements and social media and target your audience at your podcast.

You usually have different methods to promote and increase your podcast audience. Instead of trying everything, it’s important to have a series of advertising activities that you use after each episode. This helps you track your podcast traction over time.Best way to start a podcast

Stay permanent and permanent-Best way to start a podcast

You can dream of creating a podcast that generates millions of downloads and is one of the most popular podcasts in your room. These are fixed things that you can photograph, but just know that songs like this won’t happen overnight.

Creating a large podcast audience is a long-term game. Just because you haven’t seen the results you’re looking for for multiple episodes, that doesn’t mean you have to give it up. With podcasting, the results will continue to exist as long as you adhere to a standard publication plan, promote each episode and improve your podcast quality with better guests, improved material and higher production quality.Best way to start a podcast

The public needs some time to build, but it will grow, you just have to keep up. Like everything, you get better, your show gets better, and you start attracting new listeners.

In the final

Podcasting can be an incredible way to connect with your audience, expand your network and even expand your existing business. It can be a very valuable addition to your life and business, even if you do not benefit directly.Best way to start a podcast

Many people go through the mindset: “I really need to start a podcast”, but most don’t end with the trigger. We hope the lesson above will help you get started with your own podcast. Just follow the steps above and you are on your way to creating your own exciting and exciting podcast.Best way to start a podcast

How to start your own podcast-Best way to start a podcast
Why you should perform a podcast-Best way to start a podcast
Before you start a podcast-Best way to start a podcast
How to start a podcast-Best way to start a podcast
Take the podcast principles into place-Best way to start a podcast
Attract the guests-Best way to start a podcast
Create podcasts-Best way to start a podcast
Upload your podcast-Best way to start a podcast
Promote podcasts-Best way to start a podcast
Stay permanent and permanent-Best way to start a podcast


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