Best package of podcasting equipment (within budget)-Cheap podcast equipment

If you want rich rich audio podcasts without beating the bank, listen!Cheap podcast equipment
I want to share with all the non-technical types that a cheap podcasting setting looks like.
This podcast is perfect if you have a limited budget (or if you want to host a show to see if you like it).Cheap podcast equipment
I believe in investing in quality and reliable equipment. You will not only find one of the microphones and tools that you can download today, but also connect to the equipment that takes the time test.
After all, it is not logical to buy a microphone if it no longer works after the first few months. Is that right?Cheap podcast equipment

Let’s buy a package of equipment that fits your needs and budget!Cheap podcast equipment

1.Blue Yeti USB microphone-Cheap podcast equipment

This is the microphone for starting podcasts and YouTubers that add voicemail to their channel.Cheap podcast equipment
The reason why so many people love this microphone is that it offers many of the features that beginners want, such as:Cheap podcast equipment

  • USB compatibility (compatible with Mac and PC)
  • Amplifier control button, volume mute button and zero delay of headphone output.
  • Choice of different models – cardioid, bidirectional, versatile and stereo
  • Robust, sturdy yet elegant design

If you want to perform podcasting episodes via Skype or work with audio editing tools such as Garageband, the USB compatibility is seamless.
In addition, it can be very annoying to maintain control of your computer for things like the gain or volume of the microphone. You can quickly and easily configure all this yourself on the Blue Yeti.Cheap podcast equipmentCheap podcast equipment
If you are in the middle of the interview and want to increase the volume of the output, this is very simple. The same applies to the audio solution. There is no longer a hunt for Skype or other programs for the Jam button.

You have all the buttons you need right in front of you. They are clearly labeled, making it easy for everyone to use (even if you don’t have a lot of audio experience).Cheap podcast equipment

Finally, unlike other microphones, the Blue Yeti has several choices. This means that you can initially determine the direction in which the sound enters the microphone.Cheap podcast equipment

There are different modes to choose from:Cheap podcast equipment

  • Cardio mode: good for podcasts, streaming, vocals, voice tags and more. The microphone picks up the sound directly in front.
  • Stereo mode: good for acoustic guitar and choir. The microphone records a wide sound.Cheap podcast equipment
  • Non-directional mode: take sound from all angles. Great for multi-person podcasts, live performances and conferences.Cheap podcast equipment
  • Two-way mode: only records sound on the front and back of the microphone, which means it is the perfect choice for two-person interviews.

One of my favorite parts for the Blue Yeti is how it has a simple headphone connection so you can hear your own voice when you talk. It makes me feel what it sounds like in the podcast.Cheap podcast equipment
This way you do not register for 30 minutes or an hour and you will find that there is something wrong with your winnings or that you should have spoken closer to the microphone.Cheap podcast equipment
You can quickly correct any errors in the recording and return to the show. If you are lazy like me, I am sure you will like it.
Although you don’t need it, I recommend that you use an effective pop filter and a number of comfortable headphones that work better than your traditional headphones.Cheap podcast equipment
Amazon has a large package (which I will share below) with the microphone and other accessories.

Haha – and before you ask, YES pop filter makes a noticeable difference in the quality of your sound. I tend to push the air out of my mouth too much, which seems to “blow” the sound from the microphone. The same is true if my lips touch each other like “B” and “P.”Cheap podcast equipment

The pop filter eliminates all this by giving you a crystal clear sound. I cannot recommend it enough. It is a fairly cheap investment. If you want to view other microphones here, I have a list.Cheap podcast equipment

2.Adjustable microphone clip-Cheap podcast equipment

Bluet Yeti comes with a pretty strong standard. If your table is too short and you have to bow to speak into the microphone, you can always put it in a few books.Cheap podcast equipment
But I know some of you are not for this life. That’s why I want to connect you with a reasonably adjustable microphone button that works well with this microphone. This is a nice compliment and makes the mood more professional.Cheap podcast equipment
Do you feel Me? This InnoGear spring clip changes your hosting experience because it pulls the microphone out while making a podcast. You can talk hands-free.Cheap podcast equipment

With the folding arm you can place the microphone wherever you want, the best sound. Whether you send from a home office, a bedroom or a studio, you get more control over the audio experience.Cheap podcast equipment
Make sure it is made of heavy material. He will not dive or sink like any other weapon there.Cheap podcast equipment

You get a professional setup for part of the price!

3.Garageband (or Audacity)-Cheap podcast equipment

The next thing you need is a way to edit rich sound files. During the machining process you take the raw materials and polish them in a finished diamond.
With all programs it is easy to go wrong … especially if you first edit an audio file. That is why I recommend Garageband to anyone who is a beginner in podcasting.Cheap podcast equipment
I love Garageband because it has an intuitive user interface. It’s easy to drag and drop videos, share audio tracks or re-arrange the most important podcast functions. There are also many free YouTube tutorials if you close at any time. This software is also free.Cheap podcast equipment

Unfortunately, Garageband only works if you have a Mac. If you have a PC, you need another program to edit audio tracks. Therefore, as an alternative to Garageband, I recommend to view Audacity.Cheap podcast equipment
As you can see, the user interface is not that good, but from a technical point of view it is a very stable application. Audacity is a free, open source, platform independent audio platform, and audio platform on both Mac and Windows.Cheap podcast equipment

Sometimes I use Audacity for technically more technical matters, such as noise reduction. I have used it before to get the sound from my various audio books. Now I am just busy with this type of work.Cheap podcast equipment

Each of these apps is a good place to start audio editing for your podcast. Both are free, so you don’t share your budget.Cheap podcast equipment

4.Skype and Ecamm Call Recorder-Cheap podcast equipment

Of all the methods I have tried, this is the easiest way to store conversations with guests around the world. You can only combine Skype with Ecamm and BOOM! You have the perfect layout.Cheap podcast equipment
With Skype Ring Recorder you can record audio or video calls by pressing a button. If you want, you can even divide the song into two separate audio files after the call.Cheap podcast equipment

After saving the broadcast, you can convert the conversation to MP3 or another file type so that you can upload it to your favorite podcast or YouTube hosting company.Cheap podcast equipment

Unfortunately, the ring tone is only available on a Mac computer. Who craves it. Use one of these other apps instead to record your sound from Skype. Very easy.Some of us have had a very bad experience connecting Skype. If this is you and you are skeptical about using Skype for podcast interviews, look at:

  • Zencastr
  • Cast
  • Zoom

I personally use Skype to record my interviews and put more than 200 on my program.Cheap podcast equipment

5.Fiverr-Cheap podcast equipment

It may sound silly, but yes, I recommend Fiverr as a super cheap way to get the show logo or the introduction of your podcast. I still use the intro I bought at Fiverr and am very happy with it.Cheap podcast equipment
Inactivity is what prevents us from making our dreams come true. If you postpone starting your podcast because you are not allowed to view a thumbnail or introduction, stop arguing and acting!Cheap podcast equipment

For $ 5- $ 25 you can get everything you need. You can also approve the sound quality or the type of footage. This is a super easy way to get started.Cheap podcast equipment

6.Libsyn Podcast hosting-Cheap podcast equipment

There are countless podcast hosting sites to choose from. Libsin is a reliable and reliable host for my show. I have discovered that their various functions and analyzes are useful.Cheap podcast equipment
This hosting will not break the bank. If you want, you can literally start with $ 5 a month. As the show grows, you can expand to levels of $ 15 or $ 20 per month. They also offer more functionality, such as improved analysis.Cheap podcast equipment

You need a host for your podcast. You do not want to host these multimedia files on your own website and discover all this technical jargon. Hosting provider gets the RSS feed to iTunes and send database for all episodes.Cheap podcast equipment

7.Start a blog for your podcast-Cheap podcast equipment

This is the smartest solution you can do in the first few days of your show. With the blog the free traffic of messages on social media and search engines will attract, which will lead to more listeners of the show.Cheap podcast equipment
Along with the increase in slushatelnosta show, the blog will act as a base where listeners will receive message screen, check your products and contact your host.Cheap podcast equipment

Having a blog or website increases the professional quality of your podcast, making advertisers and sponsors more willing to work with you. If you want to earn money with the podcast, you need it.Cheap podcast equipment
I have a step by step article that helps you start a blog easily and cheaply. Your site will be launched soon. For less than $ 2.95 a month you ensure that everyone who is online can find you, your job and what you offer.Cheap podcast equipment

8.What else do you need?-Cheap podcast equipment

That’s when it comes to equipment for your podcast! Go and take all these things and you will be ready to go to the ground.
Many of these things are quite low compared to other facilities in the industry. You can easily lose thousands and thousands of podcasting equipment if you want. I’ll save you.Cheap podcast equipment
The funniest thing is … most podcasts have this equipment.Cheap podcast equipment
At a certain moment everyone has a good microphone. We all want a good sound. I am right.Cheap podcast equipment
If you can only “buy success”, rich guys are the ones with the best podcasts. But that is not the case.Cheap podcast equipment
What is far more important than the type of microphone you use is MARKETING STRATEGY for receiving listeners and viewing downloads.

This is what will make the difference between the unknown and the popularity. Being between nobody and being someone. I don’t want to be someone to tell you this, but sometimes we all need a hard love.Cheap podcast equipment

To solve this problem, I have compiled an extensive book that helps you advertise, develop and operate your podcast. It is called Podcasting for beginners and is available on Amazon. I put it together with your show.Cheap podcast equipment

I want to help you, and this is the best way I can do it. I give you the same strategy that I used to open a show from 0 to more than 150,000 listeners. I hope it helps!Cheap podcast equipment

Best package of podcasting equipment (within budget)-Cheap podcast equipment
1.Blue Yeti USB microphone-Cheap podcast equipment
2.Adjustable microphone clip-Cheap podcast equipment
3.Garageband (or Audacity)-Cheap podcast equipment
4.Skype and Ecamm Call Recorder-Cheap podcast equipment
5.Fiverr-Cheap podcast equipment
6.Libsyn Podcast hosting-Cheap podcast equipment
7.Start a blog for your podcast-Cheap podcast equipment
8.What else do you need?-Cheap podcast equipment


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