There are low costs and even free podcast hosting options that you can choose if your budget is limited. Many of the free podcast hosting services have limited functionality, but when you start, free hosting services are an excellent way to test their functions.Cheap podcast hosting

You may not be able to take content on the podcast server for hours, but a free trial or a free subscription may get wet while they are podcastnite hosts.Cheap podcast hosting

Here are my photos for the best free podcast hosting in 2019.Cheap podcast hosting

LIBSYN-Cheap podcast hosting

Libsyn is one of the most popular hosts, focused on helping someone from beginners to podcasting professionals who want to do work quickly. They are also one of the original podcast hosts launched in 2004.Cheap podcast hosting

With more than 35,000 podcasts hosted, 62 million + members of the public and 4.6 billion files for podcasts in 2016, they are prominent players in space. Like other hosts, a podcast, they offer their users between 50 and 1500 MB per storage space, they offer analytical reports, they generate links to RSS feeds, premium content and their own application.Cheap podcast hosting

Yes, they are not 100% free because their plans start at $ 5, but for that value I had to add them to the list.Cheap podcast hostingYes, they are not 100% free because their plans start at $ 5, but for that value I had to add them to the list.

Prices: $ 5- $ 75 per month

SOUNDCLOUD-Cheap podcast hosting

Soundcloud is the largest music and audio hosting website in the world and will introduce Podcast Hosting in 2015. They have 175 million unique monthly visitors and incredible 12 hours of content uploaded to their site every minute.Cheap podcast hosting

With the hosting services you get access to all built-in players, Twitter cards and time comments to which podcasts can respond. With a free account you can upload 3 hours of content per month and get basic reports.Cheap podcast hosting

By purchasing a more advanced account with Soundcloud Pro Unlimited, you have unlimited time to upload scheduled editions, built-in controls, and the ability to add five podcasts to your profile.Cheap podcast hosting

Price: free up to $ 16 per month ($ 12 per year).

PODOMATIC-Cheap podcast hosting

With Podomatic, video makers can record, upload and market new audio content, all in one dashboard. One of their strengths is the ability to market podcast advertising and compliments with Patreon and Advertisecast.Cheap podcast hosting

In addition, the social options of Podomatic and your podcast can be played directly on Facebook and Twitter. They work with Weebly to help you create a website and get a free app for iOS and Android podcasts.Cheap podcast hosting

In addition to their free podcast hosting plan, they have four professional plans ranging from $ 9.99 to $ 24.99 per month.Cheap podcast hosting

Prices: Free up to $ 60 + per month

SIMPLECAST-Cheap podcast hosting

Simplecast offers its podcasts many great possibilities: unlimited games, no uploads and leading analysis.Cheap podcast hosting

Allows you to share videos on your social media podcast with their Recast ™ utility. You can also work with multiple podcast leaders by inviting users to your Simplecast account. They offer a trial period of 14 days and a simple price.Cheap podcast hosting

Prices: $ 12 per month

SPREAKER -Cheap podcast hosting

Spreaker is a mobile-focused podcasting site with its Spreaker Studio tool available for both desktop and mobile devices.Cheap podcast hosting

Their free map is quite limited, with only 5 hours of storage and a one-time mission of 15 minutes. You must upgrade to higher plans to get more storage space and unlimited power.Cheap podcast hosting

Their television companies and leading Stantcion plans (great name, right?) Give podcasts private episodes for sharing and showing intro-inserts, so you can add mp3 at the start of each episode.Cheap podcast hosting

Prices: Free up to $ 119.99 per mont

LIBSYN-Cheap podcast hosting
SOUNDCLOUD-Cheap podcast hosting
PODOMATIC-Cheap podcast hosting
SIMPLECAST-Cheap podcast hosting
INSTALLATION-Cheap podcast hosting


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