The 5 best microphone records for less than $ 1000-cheap studio microphone

You don’t always need $ 1000 – There are many budget microphones with surprisingly good results – See 5 studio microphones for singers up to $ 300

But as a whole paying more for a microphone leads to greater registration studio microphone

For more expensive microphones, it is less likely that there will be less electrical noise, better reception quality and a certain internal shock protection for the studio microphone

The $ 1000 microphone can also sound much better, but don’t assume it’s always studio microphone

Everything comes down to what is best for your microphone. You will know when you hear a microphone that fits well with your voice and may not always be the most studio microphone

John Lennon played vocals with SM57 and Michael Jackson used Shure SM7B – and their songs don’t sound very bad!cheap studio microphone

All microphones in this list are condenser microphones or tube microphones, which means that they are very studio microphone

When I talk about endurance, it’s worth remembering that you have to be very careful with everything, because even the most durable ones will break much easier than studio microphone

Here are 5 great microphones just under $ 1000. These aren’t the only microphones available for this price, but they’re part of my favorite, and they are very popular studio studio microphone

sE Electronics Gemini ii-cheap studio microphone

  • Price: $ 999 / £ 899
  • Sustainability: low
  • Features: Low-cut and cushion
  • Website:
  • Gossip: “Warm and flexible tube microphone”
  • The singers say: warm and clear, great for pop and rock.

Features: SE Electronics Gemini II is a cardioid microphone, which means that it uses tubes instead of solid state electronics. This is an approach that is usually associated with older microphones, but it is believed to produce warmer and softer sound than newer microphones. Gemini also has a low-pass switch to lower lower frequencies and a -10dB path, making the signal -10 dB clearer.

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How does it sound Twins is a great microphone. It has all the warmth of the vintage microphone, but is still ethereal and crystal clear. Sounds good for pop and rock vocals, but not for studio microphone

Quality of workmanship: this is a very well-built microphone, but as you would expect with something that contains two glass tubes, it is quite fragile. It is also very heavy, so it is worth investing in a powerful microphone studio microphone

Value for money: the highest budget is $ 999, but it sounds good and is more than capable of registering multiple tools. This is not a great travel microphone, but very heavy – and quite studio microphone

Gossip: SEE Gemini ii is highly praised because it is a versatile microphone with enough warmth and details to capture most things successfully. Opnamehacks says: “I liked Gemini II on almost every source, I tried it”. This is a great microphone for both acoustic instruments and vocals, and you can get the honest sound of almost anything with studio microphone

Neumann TLM102-cheap studio microphone

  • Price: $ 699 / £ 499
  • Sustainability: low
  • Features: No red decorations, no check
  • Website:
  • Gossip: “Excellent vocal play and very quiet”
  • The singers say: good for pop vowels

Features: The TLM102 is one of the cheapest condenser microphones from Neumann, but does not stop at exceeding much more expensive microphones. It is a simple, compact microphone that captures a cardioid pattern and has no control over the body of the studio microphone

How does it sound This is a very clean and fair sound microphone and is very small – ideal for hiding in videos. I use TLM102s for all types, but they are especially good for male pop vowels. They may be too pure on female classical vocals, but they are very honest studio microphone

Quality of workmanship: Super small and not badly built, but they don’t feel good if they survive. Enough if you are studio microphone

Value for money: the TLM102 is the cheapest microphone on this list and is of great value. There is no microphone, but if you want to put it in your mouth and sing it works studio microphone

Gossip: TLM102 gets great reviews from almost everywhere on the internet and Mixonline says it also has “excellent voice and very quiet”
“There is definitely something good about the low powers that really hinder the singing.”cheap studio microphone

Slate VMS ML-1-cheap studio microphone

  • Price: $ 999 / £ 729
  • Sustainability: low
  • Features: emulates a whole range of known microphones
  • Website:
  • Gossip: Exclusive value for money
  • The singers say: an incredibly versatile microphone

Features: Slate VMS (virtual microphone system) is a very interesting concept. It is a microphone and preamp, which (via software) can emulate a whole range of old classical microphones through AKG C12 and Neumann studio microphone

How does it sound It is not always noticeable compared to the classic microphones, but the similarities are clear and it is a great microphone and incredibly versatile. The setting of the FG47 is great for jazz vocals and the FG12 is super studio microphone

Build quality: the quality of the craftsmanship, as well as the microphone and preamplifier are more than acceptable and they don’t feel like it will stand. However, it is still certainly a fragile studio microphone

Value for money: probably one of the best values ​​for microphones ever made, since VMS is a really great collection of microphones in itself. The $ 1000 mark looks like studio microphone

Gossip: As you expected, there were some mixed reviews for VMS, but most objective sources really like the concept. Musicradar says it is “a good alternative to an expensive microphone” and producers such as Warren Houari from Produce as Pro are very weak about studio microphone

Peluso p-87-cheap studio microphone

  • Price: $ 994 / £ 799
  • Resistance: average
  • Features: 3 polar models
  • Website:
  • Gossip: “Peluso P-87 is a great tool that gives you results above expectations”
  • The singers say: very clear and work well with male vocals

Features: Peluso p-87 is a replica of one of the most famous studio microphones of all time, Neumann U-87. This version has 3 swivel-polar models and is sold for around half the price of studio microphone

How does it sound Although not identical to the U-87, it is very similar and certainly a good money microphone and sounds great on the pop voice. In particular, it sounds like a male voice, but I think the details at the top are flattering for many pop and rock studio microphone

Quality of craftsmanship This is a very well-built microphone. It is heavy and looks good, finished with anodized copper and delivered in a fantastic fight.

Value for money is around half the price of the real U-87 seems cheap, but the p-87 remains one of the most expensive microphones in this $ 999 list, but it does it beautifully and sounds even more studio microphone

Gossip: The P-87 was a very well received microphone and although it may not sound exactly like the U87, Tape OP said: “Peluso P-87 is a great tool that gives you results beyond expectations.” Sound on Sound says that p-87 “is well suited to the overall character of U-87”.cheap studio microphone

Lewitt LCT-840-cheap studio microphone

  • Price: $ 999 / £ 999
  • Resistance: average
  • Features: 5 polar patterns, low cut and pillow
  • Website:
  • Gossip: newcomer waiting for reviews
  • The singers say: great for jazz and hot vocals

Features: The LCT-840 has five switchable polar models, as well as 3 options for low-cut and -10 or -20 dB studio microphone

How does it sound The LCT-840 is a tube microphone but with a very modern design, so it sounds warm and smooth, but remains little noise. I like to use it for female pop vowels and acoustic guitars. He is able to give the voice a real, modern studio microphone

Build quality: the microphone has a glass tube, so I don’t want to afford to play, but the microphone feels very well built and has some weight behind it. The tube is located behind the Plexiglass screen and looks good when the microphone is studio microphone

Value for money This is once again the top of the budget of around $ 1000 and is definitely not the cheapest microphone on the market, but Lewitt sounds great and is well worth the studio microphone

Gossip: The LCT840 doesn’t have much feedback on the internet, but everyone I know has tried is a big fan. The singers say “it is hot for the pipe you expect, but the high goal is certainly not missing.” Lewitt microphones are increasingly appearing in professional studios and I fully expect this trend to studio microphone

The 5 best microphone records for less than $ 1000-cheap studio microphone
sE Electronics Gemini ii-cheap studio microphone
Neumann TLM102-cheap studio microphone
Slate VMS ML-1-cheap studio microphone
Peluso p-87-cheap studio microphone
Lewitt LCT-840-cheap studio microphone


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