Dolphin Integration paves the way for the next generation of CoolMic digital microphones-coolmic

Speech interaction with human interface units is increasing, especially through natural linguistic searches on mobile phones, voice assistants, tablets, and so on. The success of these Voice First devices, which are always connected and use very low power while delivering high sound performance, is a must and a unique challenge.coolmic

This lays the foundation for designing intelligent and high-quality microphones with the lowest possible bottom-up power consumption.coolmic

We understand that our customers demand much more than digital microphone providers and that is why our efforts in this direction are dedicated.coolmic

The new behavior for automatic speech recognition-coolmic

At Dolphin Integration, we are very focused and improve the coolest DMICs with the best dynamic range for both playback and recording, while working seamlessly with the speech recognition algorithm for both DMIC and system makers.coolmic

Our latest generation of silicone IP – mMOD71.5 – Grid – LR – VD.03 – enables CoolMic by integrating “Voice Activation” to achieve extremely low power consumption in speech recognition mode.coolmic

WhisperTriggerTM, a patented and independent low-power speech detector, achieves 100% vocal detection with less than 30% reduction of the first phoneme, so you never miss the keyword!coolmic

What are the differences-coolmic

The key here is a powerful, self-adaptive algorithm that detects ambient noise while working in a strict user environment, in near or far fields up to 6-8 meters.coolmic

With virtually no consumption mode detection, including mode control, the product has been tested to extend the battery life of a smart speaker with a battery capacity of 2,850 mAh to 2 years compared to the 3 weeks it offers today!coolmic

A further analysis of the noise bottom information forms a feedback to the DSP, which can be used to improve the performance of the keyword detection algorithm.coolmic

WhisperTriggerTM, combined with an ADC modulator, offers up to 133 dB SPL at Acoustic Overload Point (AOP) to provide a very high dynamic range for the best recording regardless of the end user environment.coolmic

The Rooster ADC modulator has 71.5 dB @ -37 dBFS SNR features to achieve a digital representation of the microphone up to 64 dB.coolmic

Rooster also supports applications that require improved audio algorithms, such as keywords, noise / echo offset, and bundle generation.coolmic

Register with MyDolphin, your personal product assessment set.coolmic

For Dolphin integration-coolmic

Dolphin Integration helps offer low power systems to international customers – to major players in semiconductor manufacturing – with high density IP components that offer the best power consumption.coolmic

“Foundation IPs” include innovative standard cell libraries; register files and memory generators and low cache management. The “IP address” of voltage regulators, the Power Island Construction Kit and their MAESTRO control network, makes it possible to implement secure SoC with the smallest silicon area. They are also “Feature IP”: ultra-low voice activity with high resolution converters for audio and measurement programs up to 8 or 16 bit and 32 bit microcontrollers.coolmic

More than 30 years of experience integrating silicone IP components, providing ASIC / SoC designs and production services with their own EDA solutions, DOLPHIN integrates a true one-stop shop that meets all customer needs for specific problems .coolmic

This is not only a technology provider but also a knowledge provider for integrating DOLPHIN!coolmic

Dolphin Integration paves the way for the next generation of CoolMic digital microphones-coolmic
The new behavior for automatic speech recognition-coolmic
What are the differences-coolmic
For Dolphin integration-coolmic


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