6 BEST PODCAST HOSTING SITES FOR 2019 -create podcast free

Do you want to launch the next highly successful podcast and share the audio content with the world? It is awesome! Podcasting is not as easy as audio recording and uploading to iTunes. First you have to host your audio files with podcast hosting.create podcast free

To benefit from the 100 million podcast listeners in the United States, all podcasts should start choosing their host provider.create podcast free

Choosing the best option can take a lot of time and a frustrating task. There are many options with similar functions. How to choose the best?create podcast free

I will make your choices easier by providing information about the best podcast hosting to help you find the perfect choice for your new podcast. There are free options, business options and everything in between – everything depends on what you want to create.create podcast free

These reviews are based on price, reliability, technical support, monthly upload volumes, according to iTunes, storage, making money on ease of use, marketing functions, integration with applications and more.create podcast free

And if you want to run a blog first, you can view my other guide for choosing a web host.create podcast free

Let’s start.

WHAT IS PODCAST HOSTING?-create podcast free

Podcast hosting offers file hosting and RSS feed for your podcast. Hosting companies upload their audio files, tell the host platform the details of your show and generate your feed. When the user subscribes to your podcast, the podcast will host the audio files and media directly to the platforms.create podcast free

After all, podcast hosting is a simple setup. It consists of a web server with which you can download files yourself, mp3 files and an RSS feed that describes the audio file. The best suppliers do much more than that.create podcast free

They offer advanced analytical reports for your listeners, marketing tools for the audience, social sharing options, 24/7 support and more.create podcast free

In addition, the sites hosting a podcast, such as streaming compliance, launching a blog on WordPress (sometimes free site and own domain), file storage and unlimited bandwidth can support podcast security and their free transfer between hosting platforms to ensure.create podcast free

When you think of podcasts, you are sure you have heard of places such as iTunes or TuneIn, but these are podcast directories. Your podcast needs a host.

It is important to understand the importance of a good host podcast when starting a completely new podcast.create podcast free

WHAT IS THE BEST HOCKEY HOSTING?-create podcast free

I’m glad I can start a new podcast. You can create your own podcast episodes that you want to produce, buy shiny new equipment, record audio, and share the podcast with the world. But don’t forget that you have to start choosing a podcast hosting! Different podcasts require different hosting services and there is no access to any size.create podcast free

This guide offers you the best options to save your time, so just focus on registering great podcasts.create podcast free

BUZZSprout-create podcast free

Buzzsprout is a host that has been in operation since 2009 and has no prepayment or billing. They also offer free podcast hosting as a great opportunity for starting people. However, with their free subscription you can only upload two hours of content and save your files for 90 days.create podcast free

Upgrading to one of the three paid packages ranging from $ 12-24 per month, your files are available without limit, giving you unlimited storage space and 250 GB of traffic per month. This frequency band covers around 20,000 to 40,000 episodes per month.create podcast free

With Buzzsprout you can insert a podcast player directly into your website – and you can only view an episode or a complete list of episodes.create podcast free

They offer an easy-to-use algorithm dashboard that calculates how many listeners each episode receives within the first 90 days. You can also see from which countries the listeners are tuned in to help you better understand the audience. With Buzzsprout you can upgrade to 128k stereo optimization for an extra $ 6 per month.create podcast free

With monthly prices and easy dashboard management, they are a powerful podcasting site that you can choose this year. If you sign up for a paid subscription with the link below, you will also receive a free $ 20 Amazon gift card.create podcast free

I highly recommend their $ 24 / month plan by uploading 12 hours of content each month and saving money for extra hours that you upload. BuzzSprout is a fantastic host podcast, my # 1 choice and one that I fully recommend.create podcast free

PODBEAN-create podcast free

PodBean is my # 2 podcast hosting recommendation, unlimited hosting, distribution and marketing from iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Alexa and all major applications and 24/7 support. PodBean started from the beginning in podcasting hosting space, started in 2006.create podcast free

You can start for free. You can currently upload a maximum of 5 hours of content per month, but only 100 GB of traffic per month is allowed. Their free plan gives you some basic statistics, but you have to upgrade to their $ 9 / month plan for a more detailed analysis.create podcast free

I recommend serious podcasts to hold my own professional show to get their $ 29 / monthly PodBean Unlimited Plus subscription. This plan is much better than the free option – first you get unlimited audio translations and video storage.create podcast free

Secondly, you can dynamically add your sponsored advertising campaigns to your episodes to make them faster. With this plan, the Patron program can accept recurring income from listening support.create podcast free

Finally you get a mobile app, analytical reports and automatic placement on Facebook and Twitter. In general, PodBean is a good choice and their unlimited plus plan is the best way to start the podcasting trip.create podcast free

Transistor-create podcast free

Transistor.fm is a high quality professional service with a number of popular podcasts, including Drift, Honeybadger and Cards Against Humanity.create podcast free

Podcasters are known to offer absolutely everything you need to boost your audience podcast, including hosting unlimited shows, managing a multi-user account, generating brand sites with domain name distribution of podcasts, and browsing through advanced analysis.create podcast free

The starting schedule is $ 19 per month and offers unlimited podcasts and episodes, up to 2 users and 10,000 downloads per month. Their professional plan is then $ 49 per month and also unlimited with up to five team members and 50,000 monthly downloads. Finally, the business plan is $ 99 / month with up to ten team members and 150,000 monthly downloads.create podcast free

The transistor really lets you scale your podcast as the audience grows and you have no trouble building the audience.create podcast free

If you already use another hosting platform, such as Libsyn, Simplecast, Anchor or more, you can easily import your existing Transistor channel, making the migration smooth. If you are serious podcasts who want to expand their audience without restrictions, I recommend that you participate in a professional Transistor Plan and start their 14-day free trial period.create podcast free

BLUBRRY-create podcast free

Blubrry is a powerful podcast hosting service that not only offers hosting, but is also managed by WordPress hosting with PowerPress, the # 1 WordPress podcast plug-in. With more than 75,000 active installations, this plug-in is supported, free to use and offers options for SEO and MP3 labeling.create podcast free

The place for Blubrry says: “Blubrry believes you should provide good tools and not intervene,” emphasizes the maker’s first approach. They offer a podcasting guide that gives you very detailed information about using their services, as well as tips and advice to help you with your new podcast.create podcast free

Their lowest cost option is $ 12 / month and offers 100 MB of storage. If you want unlimited hosting, you can upgrade to their professional level.create podcast free

In addition to their professional rate plan, they have 4 paid subscriptions from $ 12 to $ 80 and offer storage from 100 MB to 1000 MB / month.create podcast free

Blubrry quickly becomes one of the most valued customer choices.create podcast free

PODCAST WEBSITES-create podcast free

This host has a simple workflow for podcasts that allow podcasters to access fully responsive web hosting and security, daily backups, built-in statistics and 24/7 support.create podcast free

As a member, you also receive digital marketing support to promote podcasts, advertisements and podcasting tips from real, skilled podcasts. Their academy contains video manuals, media and a useful forum for discussing strategies with other podcasts.create podcast free

You can also use Builder – a drag and drop site designer with themes that are unique to podcasts. These topics are mobile friendly and you can add landing pages when you need to sell your podcast.create podcast free

AUDIOBOOM-create podcast free

audioBoom combines storage, advertising, distribution and production in a user-friendly service. With their hosting plan of $ 9.99 / month you can add up to 5 podcasts per month with up to 10,000 games per month.create podcast free

They also have an advanced analysis and integrated player for site integration and social media. With AudioBoom you can also distribute your podcast via iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio and Stitcher.create podcast free

The biggest differentiation that the audiobook has is their podcast network and radio groups that want to see more podcasts on the network.create podcast free

6 BEST PODCAST HOSTING SITES FOR 2019 -create podcast free
WHAT IS PODCAST HOSTING?-create podcast free
WHAT IS THE BEST HOCKEY HOSTING?-create podcast free
BUZZSprout-create podcast free
PODBEAN-create podcast free
Transistor-create podcast free
BLUBRRY-create podcast free
PODCAST WEBSITES-create podcast free
AUDIOBOOM-create podcast free


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