How do I configure your podcast channel?-how to set up a podcast

Podcast channels are ideal for anyone who likes to receive information in audio format while traveling at work or in sports. With the increase in the number of smartphones and the wide range of subjects offered by podcasts, this type of media has attracted more interest than to set up a podcast

This article is intended to provide basic knowledge of someone who wants to make a podcast. We start with 1) What is podcasting and 2) types of podcasting and then continue to learn 3) how to set up your podcast and 4) the pros and cons of to set up a podcast

WHAT IS PODCASTING?-how to set up a podcast

Podcasting involves preparing and distributing audio files with the help of RSS to subscribers. These digital media files that are created in series are called podcasts. With the help of a software called “podcatcher”, a number of files can be to set up a podcast

Once the subscription is made, podkacharat is regularly checked for the placement of new files when something is available, the same is automatically downloaded to a portable music player or computer for playback or listening, as well as as desired. The file was originally recorded as MP3 and then uploaded to the website of the service provider. Once you have uploaded, the MP3 file will get the URL. The URL is then inserted into the RSS XML document in an XML tag in the form of a to set up a podcast

What is podcasting used for?-how to set up a podcast

Podcasting can be used for a variety of activities as follows:how to set up a podcast

  • Information content for individual pedestrian walks;
  • Interviews and advertisements relating to the music industry;
  • Tokyo show, including news for investors, organizational or industrial news, sports shows and other news and commentary;
  • Information material for training or education;
  • Narrative stories for the visually impaired or children.

Why is podcasting ready?-how to set up a podcast

Podcasting is preferred for people who want to choose their own content (as is the case when using the Internet), instead of choosing a model for radio or television broadcasts that needs to be set up and configured programs to be played. Many prefer podcasting, thanks to the ease of uploading new material to their personal music players or iPod. This allows them to enjoy listening to podcasts all day to set up a podcast

According to many, the podcast is a very good alternative to commercial TV and radio, because the low cost of making a podcast lets you hear an increasing number of views and voices. In addition, unlike radio and television, programs can be produced for mass viewing and consumption, podcasts can be called “narrow” as opposed to broadcasts. This is because when it comes to podcasting, those interested in a particular topic understand and record programs to listen to. There are numerous podcasts built around an extremely interesting topic that builds communities that revolve around issues that are so vague that conventional radiation therapy cannot cover to set up a podcast

The question now is why people make podcasts? The answer is that podcasting offers a powerful yet easy way to communicate about messages and ideas. The potential can reach everyone through podcasts; You just need someone with a broadband connection, looking for podcasts and ready to subscribe to your show. Because the content is mainly delivered in a series, it spreads over a considerable amount of time. The initial costs and required equipment are minimal and if you have a computer, the work is more than to set up a podcast

Podcasts usually start their show to create online communities, attract reviews and responses to viewers. People use forums, groups and weblogs to communicate with manufacturers and listeners. Companies also try to use podcasts to promote groups with special interests. In addition, large business podcasts are becoming an effective tool for communicating with employees and to set up a podcast


Podcasts have many shapes and sizes. Every day, companies are becoming more creative ways to make podcasts part of their marketing plans and business strategies. Podcasts can usually be divided into four main types:how to set up a podcast

Type # 1 audio podcast
They are just audio and are available in MP3 or AAC format. Audio podcasts are the most common because they display maximum compatibility with all portable media devices and computers. The advantages of using audio podcasts are that the file size is relatively smaller, less than 10 MB, and that these files can be created easily. The only limitation on the audio podcast is that the content is limited to audio only. But based on the content, the sound can be anything that is to set up a podcast

Type # 2 Video Podcast
Video podcasting is the delivery of video content online. This term distinguishes podcasts with video distribution from those that represent audio files. Video podcasting is becoming increasingly popular for conventional television and media to set up a podcast

Unlike audio podcasts, video podcast production is similar to other projects with video production and requires more time for planning and production. Regarding the file size, the bandwidth connection for downloading the video podcast must be high because they are large files. For video podcasts, the preferred format is usually .m4v or MP4 H.264. Windows, but also Mac users, can create and consume to set up a podcast

Type # 3 improved podcast
They are unique and combine audio podcasts with synchronized images, as a slideshow tells. Enhanced podcasts contain more or less still images that change in the same way as the slide show. You can include URL links to live websites, as well as chapter markers to skip the podcast. These podcasts are in .m4a format (also known as AAC or MP4 format). A layer is available so that the synchronized layers can be to set up a podcast

Sony and Apple have received this improved format that can be played on both Windows and Macs with iTunes installed. Windows Media Player cannot play improved podcasts at this time. The advantage of using improved podcasts is that you get both audio and video content. However, the file size is almost the same as the conventional audio format, much less than the video to set up a podcast

Type # 4 Screensaver
Screensaver is also called a video screen. Here the output of a computer screen is digitally recorded, which can often consist of a sound story. Although the term screencast was introduced in 2004, Lotus ScreenCam and similar products have been used since 1994. The first products had no significant editing options and led to large files. The latter offers support for compact file formats such as mp4 / h.264 and Adobe Flash. There are also more advanced editing functions that allow changes in mouse order, sound and to set up a podcast

When it comes to podcast content, these are some of the content types that companies usually submit to set up a podcast

  • Audiobooks – books that are read aloud are perceived not only by visually impaired people, but also by to set up a podcast
  • Sound tours – these are excursions with detailed to set up a podcast
  • Sports event comments – Fans can enjoy comments and opinions about sports events with greater to set up a podcast
  • Class Lectures – material for further education offered by universities in the form of podcasts.
  • Medical training – Medical institutions use podcasts to provide student to set up a podcast

HOW DO YOU DO SUCCESSFUL CANAL?-how to set up a podcast

Creating a podcast is easy and can be done step by step. There are four steps and let’s see how the podcast can be put in these next to set up a podcast

Step 1: create a platform that is technically feasible
1.1 Define a podcast category for future podcasts: you can use an iPod, iPad, iPhone or iTunes, but that may not always be the case. The presence of a WordPress blog is a more possible way to create the platform. To create a podcast category, place the mouse pointer on messages after entering the WP back office. Add the new category “Podcast” after you have clicked on Categories. Select None for parents. Go to the bottom and click the Add New Category to set up a podcast

1.2 Installing an audio player: An audio player is required for the audience to listen to the podcast directly from the blog. Go to the WP office, pick up your Plug-in mouse and choose Add New. In the Search plugs box, type audio player. Usually Audio Player is available in the first search result. Click Install Now and the plug-in will be to set up a podcast

1.3 Choosing Recording Software: To create a podcast, you need software that can record audio to your computer. You can select an audio track that comes with Windows Vista. But the audio recorder has no editing functions that you get in Windows Movie Maker. A downloadable program such as Audacity can also be downloaded and edited. There is also extensive software for recording, editing and to set up a podcast

1.4 Receive a URL for Domains: Before you create a FeedBurner, you need the URL of the blog pod channel. Do not confuse this with the blog address; It is very different. Simply paste ‘/ category / podcast / feed’ after the pod and url URLs are ready (for example: Copy the link and paste it into something like a to set up a podcast

1.5 Creating FeedBurner: FeedBurner is like an intermediary that connects iTunes and your blog. This is crucial because if you choose to transfer the podcast to another site or blog, you only have to edit a field in to set up a podcast

You must start with a Gmail account. After visiting, place the podcast channel address in the empty box. The box “I am a podcast!” Must be checked. Then click on the Next button. Then enter the feed address and feed title and click Next. When FeedBurner is live, copy it somewhere and click Next. The next step is to configure the podcast so that FeedBurner can direct iTunes to the podcast to set up a podcast

Step 2: Record the sound
Before you start recording the sound, there are some things that you need to to set up a podcast

2.1 Title of your podcast: your program needs a title. You can easily use your name or blog, as well as the word “podcast” that makes sense. But since you have the option to add a few extra keywords to target specific keywords, consider making it a good ranking in iTunes, which is more or less a search engine. When you think of inserting keywords in the title of your podcast, you should be as natural as possible. For more information, search for “blogs” or “online business” in iTunes and go to the podcast to set up a podcast

2.2 Talent / hostname: this is actually your name, which will also be a part of your brand. But for a perfect keyword ranking, you can always add more. The name should guide people to understand who you to set up a podcast

2.3 Subtitles on your podcast: for directories, including iTunes, your program must contain subtitles. For the subtitle it is good to have a short short description of your podcast. One or two sentences would to set up a podcast

2.4 Description or summary of your podcast: This is the main description of your podcast. To describe your show, iTunes gives you 4000 characters. The copy must be both attractive and descriptive. It must also contain the correct keywords to guarantee a good ranking in iTunes. Remember that a correct description naturally contains to set up a podcast

2.5 Working with podcasts: The podcast requires an illustration. This is a square image that marks your show. True podcasts are rather auditory, but they also require a visual, graphic element that plays a very important to set up a podcast

First, the items that your audience will see in iTunes and other podcasting directories before they listen to an oral word or view a written word in a summary or description. In fact, you need illustrations to make a first to set up a podcast

In the case of iTunes, an attractive podcast image makes you the most visually appealing segments of iTunes. In addition, people can also view your photos in media players, that is, their portable devices or computers. The powerful image gives you a strong brand identity. Required specifications:how to set up a podcast

  • 1400 x 1400 pixels, effective podcasting;
  • The image must be .png or .jpg;
  • The image must be legible in smaller formats;
  • The same image of 300 x 300 pixels under a different file name.

2.6 Admission Podcast: after preparing the preparatory steps for recording the podcast, follow the next creation and recording. When recording on your computer, connect the headphones and microphone and mute them. When you have finished recording, play with Windows Media Player to make sure everything is to set up a podcast

For those who record audio with the iPad, it is best to go to the GarageBand app because it is of good quality. Start the app as a microphone, use Apple EarPods with a to set up a podcast

Step 3: share your podcast – send iTunes
iTunes helps you distribute your podcast to the public. You can open a free iTunes account with a credit card. Then select the Podcasts section in the iTunes Store and click on it. Then go to send the podcast and click on it. An empty field appears where you must place Feedburner. Then click Continue. If all steps are correct, the information is automatically loaded from the feed via iTunes. If something is wrong, you must cancel. Otherwise, click Send. Make sure you select a category for your podcast. Click Done to complete the to set up a podcast

Step 4: upload the highlighted MP3 audio file
Once you have added the required description and title of the MP3 audio file, it will be encoded alongside the tag in the podcast hosting service. You must create a account for this. Go to the Settings icon and enter the correct information and click Save. Provide information about the Destination tab and save it in the same way. Select the Publish icon and then select Advanced to set up a podcast

Windows and underlay-how to set up a podcast

Each coin has two sides and podcasting has the advantages and to set up a podcast


  • Podcasts are fairly easy to make. You only need the right software and a stand-alone audio recorder or microphone.
  • With podcasting, the maker can play freely, which leads to a powerful relationship with the to set up a podcast
  • Just like blogging, anyone can create podcasts.
  • Podcasts are suitable for content that does not require visual to set up a podcast
  • Audio material can be distributed in different languages, increasing the reach of a larger to set up a podcast
  • Podcasts enable students to view the information as often as to set up a podcast


  • Audio podcasts do not fit well with subjects that are complex and need to be accompanied by a lot of visual to set up a podcast
  • Podcasts have limited searchability via the internet, because search engines often do to set up a podcast
  • Audio and video files often use a lot of space on the computer’s hard to set up a podcast

Although podcasts have some limitations, they are a great way to distribute content and get the following from a large audience. With regard to daily business needs, podcasts provide an excellent environment for detailed information dissemination for both employees and customers. Thanks to this ability to share information in a unique way, podcasts become popular over time and also become a good source of to set up a podcast

How do I configure your podcast channel?-how to set up a podcast
WHAT IS PODCASTING?-how to set up a podcast
What is podcasting used for?-how to set up a podcast
Why is podcasting ready?-how to set up a podcast
HOW DO YOU DO SUCCESSFUL CANAL?-how to set up a podcast
Windows and underlay-how to set up a podcast


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