Best video microphones for YouTube (most popular images) 2019-Microphone equipment

Determining the best microphone for YouTube is highly dependent on the type or style of videos you make. In many cases you want more than one microphone, so you can use the one that best suits your situation.Microphone equipment

When recording to the screen or voicemail after recording, a microphone from a USB or XLR studio works best.Microphone equipment

Laval microphones are good in many situations where you don’t have to worry about how close you are to the microphone – just fix them and start recording.Microphone equipment

Shotgun microphones are ideal for run-and-gun videos, vlogs and seated photos from the interview.Microphone equipment

Because there are many different types of videos and different microphones that work well to record them, we have marked your favorite microphones on YouTube by category, so you can easily find what works best.Microphone equipment

The best studio microphones for YouTube-Microphone equipment

We have designed separate items (USB and XLR) for studio microphones designed for voice recording (ideal for voice transmissions). I strongly recommend placing a desktop shoulder on the desk with one of these microphones.Microphone equipment

USB microphones-Microphone equipment

USB microphones are definitely the easiest to set up and use, but you are limited in the ability to easily build and expand sound quality over time.

Rode NT-USB is a cardioid condensation microphone with a USB connection for easy use of plug-n-play. The built-in standard works well to maintain the sound level, but can always be improved by external mounting.Microphone equipment

The sound quality is excellent and easily one of the best YouTube microphones under $ 200. It has a headphone jack with adjustable volume control and disk mix, so you can mix audio to your computer with your voice. There is no control over the profit of the board, so you have to set the recording volume on your computer.Microphone equipment

Blue Yeti
No surprise that Blue Yeti is a favorite of YouTubers. It offers good sound quality and many price functions.Microphone equipment

There are 3 condenser microphone connections with which you can choose from 4 different pickup models. Most people will probably only need a cardioid pattern for voice transmission, but if you have the ability to turn it into a microphone during a conference or interview, it’s well worth the price (and the Yeti often dropped below $ 100 during the holiday sale.).Microphone equipment

It also includes an audio shut-off button (very handy!), Power management, headphone jack (volume up) and decent standard.Microphone equipment

Blue snowball
Blue Snowball is Yeti’s younger brother and a great USB YouTube microphone. In fact there are two different models: Blue Snowball and Blue Snowball ICE.The first (blue snowball) has 2 microcapsules that allow for multiple (all directions) and kidney (perfect for picking up high) models of pickup, adjustable height and slightly better build quality.Microphone equipment

Snowball ICE has a cardioid capsule and no height adjustment.Microphone equipment

XLR microphones-Microphone equipment

If you are ready to really improve the sound quality of YouTube, you will get an XLR microphone. This means that you also need a USB audio interface to connect it to your computer (our favorite: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2). You can always add microphone amplifiers and other equipment to the line.Microphone equipment

Audio-Technica AT2035
I love that Audio-Technica AT2035 comes with shock resistance. To mount it, you need a boom arm, but your sound quality will be considerable and you don’t have to purchase the holder separately. The microphone also features an 80 Hz high frequency filter that will help eliminate the really low noise level from fans, heaters, and other surrounding noises.Microphone equipment

It is a condensing microphone, which means that you have to give phantom power, but you don’t need much profit.Microphone equipment

Rode Procaster
The Rode Procaster has certainly beat its price. It has an internal pop filter to reduce p-pop and internal shock absorbers to reduce vibrations and noise at work. You can also get a Rode PSM1 on a shock basis to isolate the microphone. I recommend the shock absorber that follows the installation is a bit thin and made of plastic, and it will be much easier to adjust the position of the Procaster.Microphone equipment

It is a dynamic cardioid microphone that requires a considerable profit. The easiest way to give extra impulses for using Cloudlifter CL-1 or a separate pre-amplifier such as DBX286s, but I use it directly in the H5 amplified zoom, about 6 found without problems.Microphone equipment

Shure SM7B
If you want one of the best dynamic studio microphones for your YouTube videos, Shure SM7B is great. You do not need a separate bumper or pop filter that increases the value. You can also get a thicker removable windshield if you need it.Microphone equipment

But you will definitely have Cloudlifter for this microphone, because it needs a lot of profit.Microphone equipment

Best YouTube movie-Microphone equipment

The lavaliers are good because they are small and easy to move. They will not disturb your video and just keep your shirt.Microphone equipment

Consider the type of connector they use, some are designed for smartphones (TRRS connection) and some for DSLR and portable recorders (via TRS or XLR connections). You can always get adapters, but I wanted you to know that the links are different.Microphone equipment

Rode SmartLav +
If you want something you can simply connect to your phone for a good sound, the Rode SmartLav + is a popular choice. It uses a TRRS connection (that’s what the phone uses), but you can always get the Rode SC3 adapter if you want to use it with a recorder or camera.Microphone equipment

This is a good choice if you don’t want to spend a few hundred dollars on a professional microphone.Microphone equipment

RodeLink film creation set
The RodeLink Filmmaker Kit is a wireless set that is designed to be connected to a DSLR camera or digital recorder. You get a high-quality microphone that is connected to a digital transmitter and a digital receiver. The wireless connection works very far, unless you are in a crowded event, such as a stand with many other wireless devices nearby.Microphone equipment

Audio-Technica ATR3350iS
The budget? Audio-Technica ATR3350iS is a deadly deal. It has a long cable (almost 20 ‘) and comes with an adapter so that you can use it with a smartphone or camera. I used this microphone in a rather noisy environment and barely absorbed background noise. Highly recommended for those who want a cheaper alternative.Microphone equipment

Best Shotgun microphones for YouTube-Microphone equipment

The YouTube directional microphone will preferably attach to the camera shoe and give you the flexibility to use the camera if you want to use it for interviews or other similar tasks.Microphone equipment

We have a detailed message highlighting the best camera gun for more recommendations for different prices.Microphone equipment

Rode VideoMic Pro +
The Rode VideoMic Pro + has just arrived in August 2017. It has been improved in VideoMic Pro (no advantage) with many new and useful features.Microphone equipment

Some of my favorites are automatic on and off, removable cable, safety channel and rechargeable lithium battery.Microphone equipment

It’s not cheap, but it’s a great little microphone.Microphone equipment

Rode has a large VideoMic selection if it is a bit out of reach.Microphone equipment

Shure VP83F
The good thing about Shure VP83F is that it contains a MicroSD card slot, so that you can use this microphone without a camera if necessary. It also has an extremely fine gain control so that you can adjust the volume of the sound quickly depending on the situation.Microphone equipment

Best small microphone condenser for YouTube-Microphone equipment

Rifle microphones tend to have indoor problems when there are many echoes. If you regularly log in in a similar environment, consider getting a small microphone with a membrane capacitor with a hypercorticoid or supercardioid image.Microphone equipment

Audio-Technica AT4053B
Audio-Technica AT4053B is a hyper-cardioid microphone recommended for internal dialogue (voice). The microcapsule can be replaced, so if you need a different pickup model, you can only change the heads.Microphone equipment

Oktava MK-012
The cheaper option is the Oktava MK-012. There is also a modular microphone with hypercardioid, cardioid and multi-way capsules – all in one set! That’s what I’m starting with.Microphone equipment

Be careful while shopping because the model name is MK-012 for different capsules. At least you have the hypercardioid version.Microphone equipment

Best video microphones for YouTube (most popular images) 2019-Microphone equipment
The best studio microphones for YouTube-Microphone equipment
USB microphones-Microphone equipment
XLR microphones-Microphone equipment
Best YouTube movie-Microphone equipment
Best Shotgun microphones for YouTube-Microphone equipment
Best small microphone condenser for YouTube-Microphone equipment


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