TeacherCast Mobile Podcasting Equipment Checklist-mobile podcast equipment

This is the time of year when the world of educational technologies is gathering for the annual ISTE conference. This year the pilgrimage will take place in the beautiful city of Chicago, a part of the country that I just enjoyed while connecting planes from one place to another.mobile podcast equipment

This will be my sixth IST conference and look forward to visiting TeacherCast again in the homes of thousands of direct teachers and personal interviews with teachers, vendors, and occasional edups. In recent years I had everything that was surprising for the convention, where there were many gearboxes, such as microphones, mixers and kilometers. But … this year … things will be different. This year my goal is to create an incredibly educational outlet with just a few small and highly portable devices, and I am happy to share my set-up with you to travel this year’s ISTE conference.mobile podcast equipment

What’s in the teacher’s bag this year?-mobile podcast equipment

Previously I had several computers that were set up to perform multiple tasks. This year I am losing tonnage with just a laptop and a tablet. Not only will this mean a lot to me as an editor, but it will also save my back and legs in the long days of hard work at the 5 stories from the McCormack center.mobile podcast equipment

Ipad 2
This year, Windows mobile devices have been upgraded to a brand new Surface Book 2. It’s extremely powerful and has enough processing power and memory to help me live many hours while I’m involved in multiple expansion elements such as microphones, camcorders and Bluetooth devices.mobile podcast equipment

IPad Pro 10.5 inch
This will be the second year for my iPad Pro. The reason I bring this device, not my reliable MacBook, is that it can do everything I need … plus a little more. I intend to use the iPad Pro for recording podcasts, making videos, updating Evernote and Apple Pencil is a great addition while taking notes from the interview, so I quickly announced the show. In addition, iMovie on iPad can be seamlessly imported into Final Cut Pro X, which means that I can roughly cut all my podcasts, so I can go home quickly and process them quickly on my machine.mobile podcast equipment
Both the iPad and Surface form a great team while on the move.

Audio recording equipment-mobile podcast equipment

In recent years I have found a table and connected the computer to a mixer. This comes with external USB sound cards and other fun (and heavy) cables for use. This year, with the help and kicks of other edupodcasters, I decided to purchase recording equipment that is a bit more portable and easier to manage while you drive from cabin to stand.mobile podcast equipment

Zoom H6 recorder
I found Zoom H6 for a very good price at the Guitar Center. Zoom Recorder offers professional recording quality and lets you place 4 XLR microphones. That means I can offer my own microphone to each of my microphones, and I can write directly to the device using the memory card or use it as a passage in the Surface Book or the iPad.mobile podcast equipment

Zoom shotgun microphone
On the occasion that I was recording a video, I also received a Zoom Shotgun Microphone extension. This is a semi-expensive, but very handy addition that allows me to record on the external site without the microphone talking.mobile podcast equipment

Zoom “Extension”
Zoom With the extra zoom button you can record 2 extra XLR microphones for a total of 6 inputs. It also has a 1/8-inch input if I want to add a “regular” microphone for headphones for extra power.mobile podcast equipment

Patriot LX Series 32GB card
Zoom comes with a 2 GB card, but with an ISTE format conference I decided to upgrade the card with guitar tips and guitars in the guitar center.

Microphones-mobile podcast equipment

During an ISTE conference it is important that you have the right equipment for immediate recording. That’s why I wear microphones so that I can find the right equipment, whether I’m sitting on a Blogger’s Cafe table or on the floor of the showroom and talking to suppliers.mobile podcast equipment

Audio Technica 2005 USB (4)
To participate in the aforementioned Zoom H6 recorder, I am traveling with four (4) Audio Technica 2005USB microphones this year. My little friends are not only USB but also have XLR inputs and a very nice processing, so that you can give each of your guests their own microphone.mobile podcast equipment

MOVO LV4-02 Scary Microphones (4)
In addition to 2005 I wear. These little gems really look like the colors of the shirt and simply register what’s right. I look forward to taking a long form.mobile podcast equipment

Logitech C920 webcam
Where I think most of my videos will be via the iPad, I take my reliable Logitech C920 with me.mobile podcast equipment

Last year I met the Padcaster team and I fell in love with the device and all components. The video I recorded about its use was a very popular hit on YouTube. mobile podcast equipment

Padcaster for iPad Pro
There are two different Padcasters that I wear this year. The first is Padcaster for iPad Pro. This allows me to place Padcaster on a tripod and use its video functions if I don’t have to remove the C920 and connect it to my computer.

Padcaster Verse
The Padcaster couplet is new to this year’s education. This is a smaller device designed to work with telephones. I cannot say enough about how often I have used this device and how easy it has been to do my work as a distributor and recorder because I no longer have to carry a lot of heavy equipment.mobile podcast equipment

As you can clearly read in the fear of preparing for a conference, read on. You cannot roam without cables. This year I am a bit smarter, just carry the most important thing to myself, and also pack a lot of devices that have the same cable style.mobile podcast equipment

Livewire Essential 5ft SM5 XLR cable (4)
These cables are for 2005 and MOVO Low. They are long enough to reach all my guests (hopefully) but small enough to be light and fit well in my bag.mobile podcast equipment

What is a conference without many data keys? Is it still good to admit that I smile every time I ask someone else if there is one to take?mobile podcast equipment

  • Flashlight – USB 3 adapter
  • Flash for VGA adapter

Tripod and stand
A good tripod is worth more than $ 30 and is easy enough to want to go back for 12 consecutive hours and easy enough to adjust quickly when guests see you sweating.mobile podcast equipment

  • Manfrotto
  • Manfrotto stands up

Listening Materials
Unfortunately, we live in a world where nobody wears two, but two pairs of headphones, because their devices may or may not have earphone jacks.mobile podcast equipment

  • Apple Apple
  • Apple Apple 1/8

How can we look at TeacherCast at ISTE this year?

This year is the best way to keep in touch with all our interviews, to follow us on Twitter and YouTube. I want to share more tweets and live shows on all our social networks. We will be happy to be in the audience.mobile podcast equipment

TeacherCast Mobile Podcasting Equipment Checklist-mobile podcast equipment
What’s in the teacher’s bag this year?-mobile podcast equipment
Audio recording equipment-mobile podcast equipment
Microphones-mobile podcast equipment


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