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Overview Of Podcast Ads

In the world, there has shown some increase in people interested in listening to the podcast ads. Statistically, it has proved that the number of people who listens to the podcasts has doubled within a decade. Besides, there are no signs that show there will be a slowdown.

However, any place there is an audience, the advertisement will always take place. According to statistics, there have proved that by 2020, businesses will have spent more than $500 million on these podcast ads.

There is no secret to hide. These podcast ads have become among the favorite channels that consumers are using to garner information. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy task and especially to podcast ads because the advertisers don’t precisely know where they need to focus according to their budget where they can capture buyers’ attention.

Even though, there are surefire ways that they can engage in podcast ads with the listeners and then gain good returns from podcast ads. So, to establish yourself in podcast ads, you need to learn the essential things required before you start planning for your advertisement strategy. You can check on some of the podcast ads basics that can help you set the stage.

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Categories Of Podcast Ads

In podcast ads, these are the categories that they fall:

  • Dynamically Inserted 

When coming up at podcast ads, in the end, it’s a place where these podcast ads are inserted. These podcast ads are inserted through the server. It’s not all users that can hear these dynamically inserted podcast ads after they download their podcast ads.

  • Baked In

If you talk about these podcast ads, you are talking about the podcast ads that are part of your actual podcast. However, they are read live during podcast hosting. Baked in podcast ads, on the other hand, lives for eternity in the podcast content. If you download any podcast ads content, you will hear these baked in podcast ads.

The other thing that confuses most people about these ads is how they have o choose the one right for them. Even though, there is a fair split between these two podcast ads. According to the studies, the dynamically inserted ad was able to grow by 51 percent within 2017. However, people are continuing to prefer these baked in podcast as the delivery type. It will, therefore, be the choice of the individual to decide the kind of podcast ads to use.

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Top Reasons Why Podcast Ads Are The Best Marketing Strategy

  • A Lot of People Listen To Podcast Ads Monthly

There has been a steady trajectory growth such that every month, there are more than 67 million podcast listeners. It has, therefore, become safe that there is a good percentage of people listening to podcast. According to research, fans have increased from 35 million to 42 million weekly.

  • People Love Podcast Ads

During the show, people will listen to the podcast ads because they don’t want a way they can skip any ad read. So, if the host is right and also the product combo, the host ads become natural in the podcast episode.

On the other hand, these podcasts are always read all the time, from the beginning, middle and at the end of podcast ads.

  • Unreachable Listens Podcast Ads Also

There are cord cutters who will skip YouTube ads making you have ad blockers enabled. However, some people don’t pay for the cable, and they pay for the ad free subscription services for them to escape unwanted advertisement barrage.

Even though, a higher percentage of people who are podcast ads fan uses online ad blockers. They avoid seeing and listening to traditional, but for podcasts, they like watching and listening not to miss any part.

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Things To Consider When Strategically Marketing Using Podcast Ads

Podcast ads have piqued interest to most people, but they do it right. However, there are essential things that they will have to consider before using podcasts as their value addition in their marketing strategy:

  • Audience: When targeting an audience, you will check whether the audience is there. It is a concern because the podcasts overall group ranges between 25-54 years although it will vary with podcasts. You can also check whether there is a potential of maybe another audience.
  • Finances: For podcast ads, the average recommended amount to spend monthly should be $10k. Do you think the cost of podcasts lines up with the practical customer lifetime value, acquisitions costs, and other essential metrics?
  • Marketing Mix: You will consider whether podcasts will become the game changer for your investment or it’s supporting in your mix.
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Tips to consider when using podcast ads in the marketing plan

When you have determined that podcast ads will be the best fit for your business marketing, consider these tips when using podcasts strategically:

  • Test

You have to test the podcasts messaging using different shows. However, you will check on the spots number that you will run on each show but with five or more can lead to recall. It will be good for podcasts where you can use the test tweak to refine necessarily until you get your stride.

  • Starting Small On Podcast Ads

If you use one ad, you won’t cut it, but trying to run a few podcasts will not hurt. It will be an excellent idea for you to test your water before you go all in. After the results start coming, branch out.

  • Test Podcasts Ads Against Radio Ads

In case you are running radio ads, you can also test against your podcast ads. If you get the results, you will know how podcasts and radio ads compare. It will depend on the results you get that might make you increase podcasts and reduce radio ads slowly.

Another important thing you should consider is that you might have a trial and error test with podcasts. You might sometime find podcast ads thinking they are your perfect audience having a great host but refuse to perform the way you expect.

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Overview Of Podcast Ads

Categories Of Podcast Ads

Top Reasons Why Podcast Ads Are The Best Marketing Strategy

Things To Consider When Strategically Marketing Using Podcast Ads

Tips to consider when using podcast ads in the marketing plan



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