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According to Apple, there are currently more than 550,000 podcasts (or perhaps more than 2 million, as Google says). Regardless of the popularity or unpopularity of a podcast, one thing remains the same: everyone hosts a place. A podcast hosting service acts as a home for your show. Just as a website needs a host provider, podcasts also need a way to store and distribute audio podcasts. Although most of them are related to them and you can read more about our favorite podcast hosting services here, there are multiple, more affordable options available and some even offer free podcast hosting. Below is a list of the pros, cons and reviews of the best free hosting services.podcast free

Generally podcast hosting services:

  • Create an easy way to upload audio files
  • Generate RSS feeds to describe the files and find download sites
  • Spread the RSS feed of iTunes podcast (Apple podcast), Google podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and more
  • Provides a server where listeners can find audio files

Another way of looking at hosting is that it serves as a means to transport the show from upload to storage to distribution and ultimately to analysis and potential cash options. The host facilitates everything that is in the process of creation and management.podcast free

What to look for with free hosted podcasts-podcast free

Recommended procedures and starting a podcast
In addition to the tools as a platform that stores important MP3 files and data, free services are also focused on startup programs and traditionally have many more functions and resources. These services can provide valuable lessons and other reading material to learn more about what a good podcast is and how you can improve overall sound quality. If you have just started, view our manual to start a podcast.podcast free

Podcast analysis
Although podcast analyzes are fundamental to the free level, they can still provide important information and where and how an audience can be generated and build on that audience. The ultimate goal is to have enough listeners to earn podcast winnings, although many still make it a podcasting hobby.podcast free

The free podcast hosts
There are many other advanced features that are sometimes included in a free version and sometimes only for paid account podcasts. These include a blog or site that listeners can stop and visit, listen to feedback methods, automatically upload to popular directories (Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, etc.), and customer service for questions or issues related to hosting or RSS feeds.podcast free

The same rule applies to hosting a podcast with each product: you get what you pay for, and again the old saying is correct: “If you don’t pay for the product, you are the product.”podcast free

If your podcast exceeds the free host after a while, you can always switch to a paid subscription. Many have a reasonable price between $ 10 and $ 20 per month. Until then, you can expect to limit upload time and bandwidth, which not only affects the number of hours you can upload each month, but also the playback speed. Better indicators and possibly money to make money are usually limited to paid subscribers.podcast free

Ultimately, free versions are an important tool for RSS feed and file hosting, but with the growth of your audience you will consider upgrading. When you reach this point, read our best podcast overview. For now, a free account is sufficient for most new podcasts.podcast free

Best free podcast hosting services-podcast free

Podbean-podcast free

Podbean is described as a “simple and powerful” way to podcast. The hosting podcast service offers four different user plans, including a completely free version. As the podcast grows, it also offers two paid versions.podcast free

Today, Podbean hosts 240,000 podcasts with more than 7.4 million combined episodes. The website has approximately 6 billion downloads.podcast free


  • Provides good resources for sharing and building an audience
  • It has an app for Android and iPhone users
  • RSS feed and iTunes support are also included in a free subscription
  • One of the largest platforms for podcasting
  • You zoom in while you grow


  • The free version is limited to 5 hours of storage
  • You cannot use your own podcast domain name through a free subscription

Podbean announces as a service that offers everything needed to create, manage, and promote podcasts. The site has everything from user domains to utilities for uploading and publishing, podcast campaigns and embedded episode players.podcast free

The seller is like many of the podcast hosting companies that are included in the article that little programming knowledge is needed to register, produce, upload and share new podcasts. It is also mobile ready, which is a must for all podcast hosting services nowadays.podcast free

Although the three paid options offer unlimited bandwidth, the free version is limited to 100 GB per month and five hours of storage. Hosting is described as being familiar with a reliable network that is flexible based on where and how viewers belong to you.podcast free

Podcasts can link their own website to the host provider or place a player in their own domain for easy playback. Sharing tools allow listeners to connect with you on social media, while other forms of public involvement, such as generating feedback, are good additions.podcast free

Podbean presents an overview of podcast performance and offers opportunities for advertisers for its members. The website can introduce premium subscription services for your podcast, as well as crowdfunding.podcast free

BuzzSprout-podcast free

Buzzsprout is a hosting service that has a simple basic plan, along with affordable monthly options that do not require a contract or credit card for registration. Buzzsprout currently works with notable podcast directories such as Apple / iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast and Stitcher.podcast free

The site has been hosting more than 50,000 people since its launch in 2009.podcast free


  • The subscription includes your own website and ways to synchronize with popular folders
  • 250 GB monthly traffic for paid subscriptions, much less for the free version
  • Supports multiple types of audio files and then optimizes file quality
  • You can easily migrate a podcast from another Buzzsprout source with minimal effort


  • Unlimited free space, but you can only upload 2 hours per month
  • Only 90 days of free podcast hosting before Buzzsprout wants to upgrade to a paid version
  • Buzzsprout is popular as one of the easiest ways to host, market, and follow a podcast. Like many other suppliers, it offers detailed analyzes to find out more about adjusting target groups.podcast free

The site is designed to make uploading and posting an episode easier. Publishing can take place within a few minutes of uploading, or even scheduled days or weeks in advance.podcast free

It supports many different audio files. Not only that, but the site optimizes the file based on whether it is a more oral word or a program that also contains a lot of music. By buying additions, the sound increases to 128k stereo.podcast free

A nice feature on the dashboard is that it gives an indication of the remaining uptime in the current cycle, so you don’t have to guess how many minutes you should upload each month.podcast free

Podcasts can learn everything about where and how listeners are connected, which device or directory they use to play the episode and more advanced statistics.podcast free

Buzzsprout helps you sign up for popular podcast directories and is also mobile friendly. A built-in version is available for your domain. The host provider also has its own website upon registration.podcast free

Free subscription gives 2 hours of upload time every month and the episode is hosted 90 days before it is deleted. The next step costs $ 12 per month and only one hour for upload each month is still free indefinitely.podcast free

Spreaker-podcast free

Spreaker is a well-known podcast provider because it is an all-in-one system for new and established shows. It offers a multifunctional application that allows you to earn, distribute and possibly earn money with your podcast.podcast free

Spreaker launched in 2010 and now offers thousands of publishers and millions of active listeners. It also includes Android and iOS apps.podcast free


  • The best studio to record free podcast hosting services
  • External tools such as broadcast software and mixers are supported for advanced audio production
  • Unlimited bandwidth for all subscriptions, including the free version
  • Live streaming, including up to 15 minutes per episode for non-penny users


  • Missing all kinds of tools to make money through your freeware podcast
  • Ads are included in free subscriptions to remove them

The speaker is unique because it has a built-in system for recording and editing the platform. Users can register podcasts and publish them later or even live. Content can also be migrated from an existing service via the import of an RSS feed. The application of the studio is extremely creative and easy to use.podcast free

When you save or upload an audio file, it is time to distribute it. Spreaker supports various forms of social media for uploading, as well as large folders such as Apple Podcasts and YouTube. Like most podcast services, you can also add a widget to your own site for instant playback.podcast free

The analysis is crucial to the success of every new podcast and Spreaker provides basic statistics on their free and $ 5.99 monthly subscriptions and more detailed statistics on the more expensive monthly subscriptions. Free plan analysis is good, but not good for what you expect and comparable to other free hosting providers.podcast free

The free schedule also includes 5 hours of audio storage and 15 minutes of maximum live streaming (in one session). However, the revenue-generating tool with podcasts is not available for free. The speed is unlimited for every subscription type.podcast free

Podiant-podcast free

Podiant offers a well-rounded list of features that are dedicated to each of the podcasters (who are probably looking for a free version) and experienced professionals.podcast free

The supplier offers up to 20,000 daily uploads and almost a million minutes are used by listeners. Podiant claims they are smaller than some of the other publishers, which is true, although 4 million downloads and cultures are far from small.podcast free


  • There are no bandwidth restrictions and unlimited storage space for new podcasts that qualify for the free program
  • The advisory service and the Community Support Forum can help beginners to adapt to the podcast world
  • Compatible with Apple and Spotify podcast directories


  • Not everyone is eligible for the free offer, the next subscription costs $ 12.99 per month

Audio editing is a nice addition, but not as deep as Speaker
Podiant has not lost sight of what a podcast is, especially a hobby and a hobby for those who want to know something about something. Enough and good for analysis and ways to earn podcast money, it is just as dedicated to beginners who want to make their own entertainment shows.podcast free

Podiants-bord is very good and interactive. Probably not as good as Buzzsprout, but they offer the best on the market. You get a quick overview of the statistics and useful guidelines for expanding your target group.podcast free

Podiant has a production advice that is unique, but something that the new may want to use for podcasting. Consultation costs are extra, but they can help you go in the right direction if you are not only fully aware of the production process, but also of distribution and marketing.podcast free

The site is compatible with social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and distributors can also combine comments with Disqus. Uploading files is also compatible with Dropbox.podcast free

The free version is unique because new podcasts are asked to submit their new submissions for review and those who qualify receive free hosting. If you upload upload standards, you get unlimited bandwidth and storage at no cost, which is exceptional.podcast free

But their guidelines are a bit harder than the typical hosting service. But if you enter the Podiant community, you can make a good start with a new podcast. The free subscription also includes a blog and a static podcast page, along with community support.podcast free

Anchor-podcast free

Anchor is announced 100% completely free and insists that most other services get away with murders to ensure that users perform podcasts through them. Like other suppliers, this is a complete “all in one” podcast package with different levels of qualification and target audience.podcast free

However, it remains to be seen what will happen to the service after Spotify purchased it in February 2019. Your podcast. Since then, they have reviewed their user statements to remove any mention of ownership.podcast free

The anchor is based on the principle of democratization of sound. He believes everyone should have a vote and not be restricted by paid subscription services that limit the number of hours or bandwidth that you can spend in a given month.podcast free


  • 100% free for use with unlimited storage and no limit on the number of shows
  • Earn income from different sources, both delivered through Anker
  • A great podcast hosting partner with a co-host or many guest teachers via the app burning function


  • There may not be respectable connections with other hosting services, but it still works with Apple Podcasts, Google and Spotify
  • The basic analysis is still a small price that must be paid for all other good opportunities that are offered for free
  • It may not be the best podcast host for scale as it grows

The future of the service can be doubtful after the acquisition of Spotify
Anchor is a platform that offers space to create and distribute an unlimited number of episodes, and also offers tools for making money. Unlike other free accounts, Anchor pays absolutely nothing for unlimited storage, as well as no limit to the number of different programs you want to host.podcast free

Spreads are supplied by everything from Apple Podcasts to Spotify and Google Podcasts. The means to make money are also at the top, because most hosting services require a monthly subscription to make money to make money with the podcast.podcast free

The podcasts are presented in two ways: 1) you are paid for the number of episodes, or 2) collect monthly payments from listeners who subscribe to the station. You can also earn money with both methods.podcast free

Anchor is also very good for collaboration for performances with a number of guest teachers, or even as an insertion of audio comments from listeners. Collaboration is available through the Anchor app (support for Android and iOS), which is a great feature.podcast free

The analysis is simple and straightforward, but still offers some insight into what works (and doesn’t work) with a new podcast.podcast free

Compare best free podcast podcasts-podcast free

Although Anchor and Podiant can stand out with unlimited bandwidth and storage for a free version, they have never been there, and also no summary of Buzzsprout, Podbean or Spreaker. It’s hard to say that Anker will be a good podcast host after the podcast gets the following.podcast free

In addition, Buzzsprout and Podbean can limit storage space to free subscriptions, but they are well considered for their links to important podcast directories, as well as their thriving social networking sites and the opportunity to make money.podcast free

Here is a table that compares five different Podcast hosting services based on the free version of the platform:podcast free

Who is the best?-podcast free

It really depends on your individual needs: do you already have professional audio equipment and recordings or do you start all over again? Are you looking for hosting with the most storage space or extensive directories? Are you looking for a service that is more dedicated to sales and distribution or that acts as a different recording platform?podcast free

These are all important questions to answer and will help you dictate the popular podcast hosting platform that is right for you.podcast free

The 5 best free podcast hosting services-podcast free
What to look for with free hosted podcasts-podcast free
Best free podcast hosting services-podcast free
Podbean-podcast free
BuzzSprout-podcast free
Spreaker-podcast free
Podiant-podcast free
Anchor-podcast free
Compare best free podcast podcasts-podcast free
Who is the best?-podcast free


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