Top Podcast equipment for every budget-podcasting equipment on a budget

When people learn to make podcasts and I accept – Let’s just shamelessly advertise parks, now ruined by the road – this finding is almost always followed by a question: how can I create your own podcast?podcasting equipment on a budget
After you have asked if you actually want to start and maintain a podcast (because this is number one), the next question is budget: how much money do you have to work?podcasting equipment on a budget
Although you can perform a podcast for free, this does not mean that you should do that.
There are enough podcasts where the listeners can adjust if you don’t have the right sound quality. Fortunately, you don’t have to cancel the bank – that’s what you need to do a podcast.podcasting equipment on a budget

Before you start-podcasting equipment on a budget

What is this? We haven’t even been in podcasting equipment yet and I have unexpected circumstances? Yes I know. I highly recommend hosting your podcast on your own website or microsite. If you already have a blog and want to include the podcast as an extra part? Absolutely cool. But if you are just starting (or maybe wanting a blog to participate in your episodes), your own site is the way you should go.podcasting equipment on a budget
So you can do nothing better than Bluehost. Not only are they incredibly affordable – the plans start at $ 3.95 a month – their support is incredible. I once tried to play a source code for one of my sites. This is probably the worst idea because my knowledge of web developers can best be described as “rat”.
In short, I finally delete my entire site so that everything outside the homepage gives a broken answer. Cool.
Bluehost made me come back and take a moment, despite my panic screaming at them. Super handy, super easy to use. And you can combine your hosting with your site, such as WordPress. This is the “all in one” package that works very well, whether you are ready or the user of the site cannot even distinguish between “cookies” and “cookies” from chocolate pieces. Dang, now I want some chocolate cake ‚Ķpodcasting equipment on a budget
You also need a podcast host to upload your episodes. Everyone has advantages – Simplecast is slim and has a good analysis, BuzzSprout probably the easiest setup is Blubrry easy to integrate with WordPress, Libsyn has an extensive advertising bar that you can add to your episodes. Feel free to view them and see what suits you best. I find most Simplecast personally so that you can upload as many files as you want, for a price of $ 15 a month without any file size limitation. This is extremely useful for displaying this message more than twice a month.podcasting equipment on a budget
Another thing (then I promise the equipment!): I have long wondered what I should do when I interview guests remotely. It’s not that I can trust that they have the same quality equipment, right? And it is not possible to send a cheap USB microphone to every guest.podcasting equipment on a budget

So what are we doing?
Usually: Squadcast. This is a new platform that makes it incredibly easy to talk to external guests anywhere in the world. Just send them the connection, get it and VIP – you have a video chat while recording as records, so even if you’re wrong, you won’t lose the entire episode.podcasting equipment on a budget

And if you record enough episodes, something goes wrong, so it’s good to know that your guest will have a smooth experience.
Now (finally) on the equipment! We start with our first highest budget – don’t hesitate to scroll down to find the budget that suits you best.podcasting equipment on a budget

Podcast equipment under $ 250-podcasting equipment on a budget

If you have a slightly larger budget, you can invest in a mixer. This is especially useful if you have multiple hosts – you can control the individual volume of each person and everyone’s sound becomes much clearer.podcasting equipment on a budget
I’m a big fan of UPHORIA line mixers, usually for two or four microphone inputs. Mix UPHORIA because they are not super expensive and are connected to the computer via USB – super easy to integrate with Garageband, Audacity or another digital audio workstation.
You also need XLR cables to connect these microphones to your mixer – a simple male-female cable.podcasting equipment on a budget
For the microphones themselves, there are various XLR options that work well.

Shure SM58S
The SM58 has its own built-in spherical filter that helps reduce cracks and slumber while producing a stunning, stunning sound. Shure has been in the market for a long time and they know their stuff about microphones.podcasting equipment on a budget
If you insist on holding microphones (very discouraged), they are among the most comfortable to wear for a long time. Keep in mind that this microphone itself is more than $ 100, so they are more recommended for people who already have mixers or have a budget of more than $ 250.podcasting equipment on a budget

Audio-Technica AT2020
Do you know what’s cool about this package? In addition to the microphone, you also get headphones. And these are very good headphones. I know people will drop this amount five times for Beats by Dre because LeBron James brings them to their heads when they enter the dressing room. Well, guess what? LeBron is not in the playoffs and is probably complaining about the loss of several hundred dollars.podcasting equipment on a budget

He is shocking, probably working on his next company. Anyway, he will be jealous of your setup here, because the microphone is also very good. It has a low self-noise and a wide dynamic range, which means that if you sound like Alvin and Squirrel or James Earl Jones, this will make the recording file sound even better.podcasting equipment on a budget

Marantz MPM-1000
This is a nice little package that comes with a tripod (so you don’t have to hold it), shock absorption (to reduce the unwanted vibration microphone), pop filter (to reduce these loud noises when you say “B”, “f” and “p”) and its own XLR cable. This is a great package of $ 50.podcasting equipment on a budget

Behringer Ultravoice XM1800S
You can also give these microphones a whirlwind. Three packs are available for $ 40 and receive a stylish carrying case. However, as I said above, I recommend using a few basic microphone standards, because many of you and your colleagues need a microphone for the entire episode. We don’t organize an episode of TLR, only a podcast.podcasting equipment on a budget

Rode PodMic Dynamic Emitting Microphone
Finally, this is not yet on the market, but I am very fascinated by it. Rode makes some great products, even if their microphones are quite expensive, especially when you start. Even the more average options give you such a warm, full feeling and grabbing for less than $ 100 is a good deal.podcasting equipment on a budget

Podcast equipment of less than $ 100-podcasting equipment on a budget

If your full podcast budget is $ 100 or less, you will probably only see USB microphones. This does not mean that you cannot get a good sound. Here are some of my favorites.podcasting equipment on a budget

Samson Meteor Mic
If you want the microphones to show a small foot, the Meter by Samson is for you. I love how compact Samsons are in general, so you can easily take them anywhere.podcasting equipment on a budget

It also comes with a headphone jack so that you can check the volume levels and mute the microphone when you use it for conference calls and do not want people to hear you while washing up or using the bathroom. This is an excellent feature.podcasting equipment on a budget

Audio-Technica ATR-2100 USB
Not sure if you want to go to USB or XLR? What about both? Have you just thought about it? I hope it is no – otherwise it will be difficult to read the other recommendations.podcasting equipment on a budget

As mentioned earlier, Audio-Technica makes great headphones, so I found them for the first time, but their microphones are very solid. This has this double XLR / USB function, so you can use it with a mixer or simply connect directly to your computer. And as a dynamic microphone, it sounds good in a stronger environment. I’m not saying you take it on a busy metro, but you can take it out and it sounds good, that’s all.podcasting equipment on a budget

Podcast equipment under $ 50-podcasting equipment on a budget

At this point, microphones do not have all the fun of any of the others, but they still want much better than just relying on a computer laptop. Moreover, they are pretty cute and always fun, right?podcasting equipment on a budget

Blue snowball ice condensic microphone
This is the first USB microphone I have ever bought and I am still using it today. This is of course not my most important podcasting microphone – sometimes I use it to work with the voice, but this is a great and easy installation for beginning podcasters. It’s also nice to talk in a snowball in the middle of the summer. How many meta!podcasting equipment on a budget

For a little less money, Blue also offers a microphone with the USB Snowflake, which is even more compact (such as SUPER compact). I prefer Snowflake because I think the sound quality is better, but snowflakes have a nice rotation and are easier to take with them in the field.podcasting equipment on a budget

Samson Go portable microphone USB condensation microphone
Speaking of making microphones, Samson Go Mic, as the name suggests, is probably the most portable microphone in the entire list. Folded and delivered with this small, practical case. In addition, it uses USB and has a headphone jack, so you can keep track of how strong you are (or soft). And with a multifunctional pickup you can use it as a last resort with multiple hosts.podcasting equipment on a budget

Once you have your stuff, you are ready to conquer the world! Or at least a couple of people. And it’s almost the same.podcasting equipment on a budget

Isn’t my favorite microphone? Are you sworn in with other equipment? I want to hear about it – beat me in the comments.podcasting equipment on a budget

Top Podcast equipment for every budget-podcasting equipment on a budget
Before you start-podcasting equipment on a budget
Podcast equipment under $ 250-podcasting equipment on a budget
Podcast equipment of less than $ 100-podcasting equipment on a budget
Podcast equipment under $ 50-podcasting equipment on a budget


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