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Creating, marketing and distributing your podcast to reach an online audience of potentially millions is relatively easy. Podcasting is becoming increasingly popular, so many bloggers go to internet radio broadcasts to extract music / messages. You can get an online podcast in just 5-10 minutes! All you need is you, a number of recording techniques, internet access and an interesting topic to talk about!start my own podcast

Before recording-start my own podcast

  1. Determine the content of your podcast. What is the content? Write it so that you don’t forget it. Plan a plan or organizer to keep track of what to discuss and / or promote.start my own podcast
    There are countless examples of podcasts that already exist. shows podcasts by categories with comedy, news, health, sports, music and politics. Some examples include Mugglecast, which includes Harry Potter novels and films; The words that discuss the etymology of words and other language problems; Fantasy Football Minute, a podcast to help all football coaches and general managers; and NPR Science Friday, a podcast version of the weekly broadcast that is broadcast on local affiliates, just to get your opinion. start my own podcast
    Listen to some of the more popular podcasts to get a sense of style and content. Make a plan to minimize unpleasant breaks. If you do interviews with pets, there will be something that you will probably use.start my own podcast
  2. Select the products that you want to use for podcasts. Most podcasts contain a microphone (USB or analog), a mixer (for an analog microphone) or even a new computer. There are several podcast boat packages that you can purchase for around $ 100.start my own podcast
    Do not trust the standard (and best) microphone of your computer if you want it to sound as professional as possible. You want a complete microphone for noise reduction to ensure that listeners are not distracted by the sound of the air conditioner in the corner. For available voice recordings, a one-way dynamic microphone type is good. Radioshack sells cheap and you will also find a good selection of high quality microphones in most music stores. start my own podcast
    Your podcast is portable or do you save at home? Maybe you want to take advantage of your smartphone or tablet (Android, iOS). But the basic things you need are a podcasting software for speech and speech. You only need a mixer if you have multiple inputs. Smaller units with around four inputs satisfy all except the most ambitious podcasts.start my own podcast
  3. Select the software. If you have a Mac, you can save it with Garageband (it’s free for every Mac as part of the iLife package). There are free software packages (such as Audacity) and expensive software (Adobe Audition). There are multi-layered versions of the software, such as Sony Acid (the music studio is only $ 50, while Acid Pro is $ 200). Some mixers and microphones are available with free software.start my own podcast
    The industrial audio software called iPodcast Producer is a super podcast friendly. It takes care of the entire process from recording to uploading the end product via a built-in FTP client. However, this is the opposite of the free copy. start my own podcast
    Audacity (free!) It is a simple learning curve and there are available versions of Windows, Mac and Linux. It has a number of useful functions and add-ons. start my own podcast
    If this is more than what you have agreed, the Sound Recorder (in Windows) will do everything you need, but files will only be saved in .wav format; you still need to convert your final drive to a .mp3 file. MusicMatch Jukebox can also do this for you.
    If you go with Adobe Audition, you can get a monthly subscription through Adobe Cloud, which offers the full Adobe site (with lower study costs). In addition, has an excellent video tutorial (about 5 hours or more) of all Adobe (and many other technologies) that you can open with a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time.start my own podcast

Creating podcasts-start my own podcast

  1. Prepare the content. You may want to collect scripts for what you say at the start of the show and when you go from one story to another. Arrange the contents so that you can read the list.start my own podcast
    Whatever it is, make sure you like it. You probably won’t be rich in this work. Spend time discussing or promoting something you really care about; The reward is to give your knowledge / humor / music to other.start my own podcast
  2. Record the sound of your podcast. This is probably the biggest step without your voice, your podcast does not exist. Speak consistently and show passion on your sites. Read the scripts and don’t forget to thank people for participating in the show.
    You can have the perfect podcast, but sometimes the technical errors run the show and your hard work is destroyed. Before you begin the actual recording session, you should take a few examples to test the software, confuse it with the volume controls, and just check if everything works.
  3. Record the audio file on your computer. Make sure it is in MP3 format; A bit rate of 128 kbps is enough for a podcast, but for music podcasts a data rate of 192 kbps or better is required.start my own podcast
    Do not use special characters (for example # or% or?) In the file name. Open it in audio editing and edit additional background noise or long periods of silence. Insert / exit music if you want.start my own podcast
    Of course you can always save it as a WAV file to mainly give you a backup to work if something goes wrong.
  4. Take it, give it ID information (artist, album, etc.) and give it the cover art. Or do it yourself, find a number of free images that are not protected by copyright or let a friend do it for you.start my own podcast
    Make sure you give the audio file a name so that the podcast name and the date of the episode are ready. You may also want to edit the ID3 tags of the MP3 file to help people find and catalog podcasts.
  5. Create an RSS podcast. Feed must meet all industry standards for a valid feed 2.0 with attachments. Try using a complete solution and service such as Libsyn, Castmate or Podomatic (see the external links below). You pay a small fee for longer podcasts.
    The easiest way to do this is to use a blog. Then go to, or another blog service and start a blog with the title Your Podcast. Do not post yet.start my own podcast
    If your host has bandwidth restrictions that you can use, you can incur unnecessary costs if the podcast becomes very popular (crossed fingers!).
    A feed acts as a “container” for the MP3 file, which tells the feed aggregator programs where new episodes should be retrieved. This can be done manually with some XML coding. Similar to HTML. You can copy another RSS file and use the template to make the necessary changes.

Upload your podcast-start my own podcast

  1. Send an RSS podcast on the internet. Go to Feedburner and enter the URL of your blog and click on “I am a podcast!” Configure the items on the next screen for your podcast. These are the items that are directly related to the podcast. Your feed burner is your podcast.start my own podcast
    Go to one of the hosts that you find online and register there (this may take a while). Then go to your files and upload the MP3 file.
    Make a post on the blog / website – the title of the post must be the title of this podcast episode and the content ends as “Show notes” or “Description” Consider what you are talking about in your episode. At the end of the message, close a link directly to the media file.
  2. Enter a second. Feedburner must add this to your feed within a few minutes and now you have an episode! You can send it to iTunes or to various other podcast directories to get to know it. However, you can wait until you have some experience so that your podcast can be compared to another fifth episode with another.start my own podcast
    Placing podcasts in iTunes is fairly easy. The podcast page of the iTunes Store has a large button asking for the RSS link and additional podcast information. The podcast can also be sent online via the iTunes FAQ link.start my own podcast
    Send a ping to the relevant podcast directories when you update a new show.
    Put the right subscription buttons on your site so that people can subscribe to a podcast with RSS feed.start my own podcast

Earn money with your podcast-start my own podcast

  1. Produce the podcast. You can set up an online store to charge subscribers for each episode. However, a pay-per-listening podcast competes with thousands of free podcasts. The content must be very persuasive to persuade many people to pay money, so very few podcasts serve with this method.start my own podcast. If you think, podcasts cannot be sold in the iTunes Store.
  2. Sell an advertisement. If you place an ad on your podcast, listeners can easily skip the ad when they play the show on their computer or MP3 player. One of the options is to get podcast sponsoring or even podcast segments. You may need to change the title of your podcast so that the sponsor can fall behind.
    Be careful not to bombard the listener with an advertisement for an advertisement. If your podcast is relatively short, the listener will not hear three ads in this short timeframe. Especially in the beginning.start my own podcast
  3. Join the online ad. This requires extra effort because when someone subscribes to a podcast, it is downloaded directly to their RSS reader. Maybe they will never see the website again. The key is to link the podcast to a blog or site and to mention this often during the show. This results in traffic from clicks to the site and we hope to generate some advertising revenue. start my own podcast
    Think of banner and page ads. The latter has a slightly larger impact because it is longer and you cannot get rid of it. The result is a higher clickthrough rate.start my own podcast

How to start your own podcast-start my own podcast
Before recording-start my own podcast
Creating podcasts-start my own podcast
Upload your podcast-start my own podcast
Earn money with your podcast-start my own podcast


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