To start a podcast in 6 steps-starting a podcast

When you start a podcast, it’s time to get started. There are 57 million people in the US who listen to a podcast every month. Moreover, 25 percent of Americans between the ages of 12 and 55 listen on average to three podcasts a week. Podcasting is growing steadily and this is good news for you as an ambitious podcast.starting a podcast

As with all other projects, podcasting requires planning and preparation before you begin. In this article we give you a detailed guide for performing your own podcast.starting a podcast

Hiring a qualified and reliable virtual assistant (VA) can be a good investment to get your podcast off the ground. Be and so on. offers experienced and verified VAs that can perform various daily tasks, including audio file copying, social media marketing, and connectivity with influential markets. Click here for a free trial version.starting a podcast

Step 1: Select your theme-starting a podcast

Choosing the right subject for your podcast can be difficult. As a future-oriented podcast, you can have a general idea of ​​what you are telling, but you can fight with details such as focusing. If you are in this situation, we recommend taking a step back and reviewing the following steps to help you find the focus.starting a podcast

Determine your goal
By the way, I hope you make money, why do you want a podcast? Why do you invest the necessary energy and resources to continue this effort? For example, a basketball enthusiast can start podcasting to talk about his favorite team or NBA players. Put your deepest motivation on paper, because every episode should run for that purpose.starting a podcast

Define the target group
You can generate multiple themes from your goal, but it can become overwhelming and confusing at the same time, so it is important to identify the audience. What is the age group of the audience? What are their goals and interests? By asking these questions, you can limit your choices and develop topics that are relevant to the public.starting a podcast

A good example of a podcast that has clearly defined its audience is the Dave Ramsey show. The podcast is focused on personal finances, but is written in a way that is targeted at the average person who may not be financially informed. In it, Ramsey shares comprehensible and genuine advice with his listeners instead of weighing them with technical details or industrial hoses.starting a podcast

Find your area
In 2015, iTunes made around 5,000 podcasts every month, according to a study published in Medium. In other words, you probably have hundreds if not thousands of competitors in your area. That is why it is important to find your specialization.starting a podcast

Millennial is a good example of a podcast that has connected its niche. Unlike other podcasts that focus on pop culture or comedy, the term life is a millennium in Megan Tang. Tang forces her to get out of her wardrobe and tells her about her school experience to get her first real job. During the seasons, listeners also had to meet girlfriend Tang, because she followed her turn to sign up for a sought-after community and eventually receive a radio concert. The story of Tang loves a certain audience: thousands.starting a podcast

Step 2: Consider using and buying equipment-starting a podcast

The most important costs of starting a podcast are your equipment, such as a microphone, a computer and a headset, as well as an internet connection and web hosting. Depending on your budget, you can choose from the following options:starting a podcast

  • Effective option – With the computer you already have and the built-in microphone you can save and edit a simple basic podcast for free. You can also sign up for SoundCloud for a free podcast hosting of 3 hours. However, you still need a website and web hosting service, but you can reduce these costs until you start.
  • Starter Pack – To improve the quality of podcasts, consider investing in some of the great devices used by podcasters that have just been launched. With a budget of $ 600 you can get high-quality childcare, including a laptop, microphone, headphones, stand and boom arm and shock absorber.
  • Business option – In addition to the equipment mentioned above, the virtual assistant can help you reach the content so that you can concentrate on writing and recording a podcast.starting a podcast

Although you can now use what you have, Christine Marche, founder and creative director of Media Development, said the need to invest in quality equipment:starting a podcast

“Anyone interested in starting a podcast should invest in the right equipment: a website, an important microphone, a Skype account, podcasting hosting, a few good headphones and Canvas to design your promotional photos”starting a podcast

Appropriate equipment can vary greatly in price. Let’s look at some of the options below.starting a podcast

We encourage you to allocate so much of the budget to the microphone that this has the greatest impact on the sound quality of podcasts. Do you need something that effectively closes background noise, as well as broadcast quality that shows no delay or echo?starting a podcast

Affordable microphones start at $ 69.99. Medium-sized microphones cost around $ 100, and high-end microphones start at $ 229 on Amazon.starting a podcast

In contrast to video editing, audio editing does not require much computing power. You can therefore use any Windows, Mac or Chromebook computer. If you need a new computer, we recommend that you invest in a computer with sufficient memory and computing power for good performance. A quad-core machine with 2 GHz processor power, 4 GB memory and 500 GB hard disk space should get the job done. Laptops with good components can cost less than $ 300. If you want to invest in top machines, you have to pay around $ 400 – $ 1000.starting a podcast

The headphones are comfortable to record, because someone feels more comfortable while playing a show. It is also imperative when conducting an external interview so that you can hear your guest. Since the headphones do not affect the quality of the recording sound, it must be a sufficient basic level option.starting a podcast

You can find one on Amazon, starting at $ 20. If you want to invest in quality and comfort, expect to spend around $ 70 to $ 100.starting a podcast

Stand / tree
You need a stand that holds the microphone in front of you. The standard must be strong and flexible so that you can make adjustments and find the right height and angle to capture your voice. Bicycle clamps are popular with podcasts because they are easy to maneuver and save space.starting a podcast

They are available on Amazon for a small $ 12.50. You can get better equipment for $ 15 – $ 18.

Shock shock
Every movement on the desktop, such as pressure and heavy writing, causes vibrations that can affect sound quality. You can keep the microphone stable with a bumper that insulates it from vibrations and noise from the stand.starting a podcast

You can get one on Amazon for less than $ 10. The better the shock quality is between $ 45 and $ 130.

Lydification program
Speaking of audio editing, you also need software that eliminates background noise to eliminate unwanted sounds and add background music, among other functions. Audio editing software licenses ranged from just $ 20 for standard applications to $ 900 for professional licenses, but it is a free application for podcasters that offers many of the same features as the paid options.starting a podcast

Audacity is an open source software for recording and editing audio. It offers many functions such as real-time audio recording, linking, editing and converting files into different formats. The best part is that it’s free.starting a podcast

Your website will serve as an important marketing tool. Here the public has direct access to podcasts and articles. In addition, it can help you generate more revenue through advertising banners and affiliate links. Which web host you choose depends on your budget and the amount of traffic you expect to receive, but there are many economic options.starting a podcast

For example, you can start Bluehost with a domain name, web hosting and website building tools, including WordPress for just $ 2.95 a month.starting a podcast

Even if you have a website hosting service that allows you to save files that are still recommended to get a different podcast host. Podcasts can store hundreds of megabytes of memory, depending on the length. Eventually you will encounter storage or bandwidth problems if you choose to host podcasts on your web host.starting a podcast

Podomatic offers 15 GB of bandwidth per month and 500 MB of storage at no cost. If you have a place in your budget, consider investing in Amazon S3. Prices vary by region, but cost around $ 0.022 – $ 0.026 for GB for standard storage.starting a podcast

Step 3: Record and edit your podcast-starting a podcast

The specific details for recording and editing podcasts may vary depending on the tools and software you choose; However, the usual process is more or less the same.starting a podcast

  • Enter and test the microphone input.
  • Open sound recordings and editing software – such as Audacity. Before you start recording, make sure the software is set to record with the selected microphone.starting a podcast
  • Click on the red circle button to start recording. Do not be afraid of making mistakes at this stage. You can always edit your podcast after you save it.
  • Listen to the recording and use the noise reduction function of the software to eliminate background noise.
  • Delete parts of the record that you created incorrectly.starting a podcast
  • Use the software adjustment function to adjust the areas where the volume may be stronger than others.
  • Export your sound as a WAV or MP3 file. These formats are supported by almost all media players, while offering good sound quality and a reasonable file size.starting a podcast

Step 4: Send podcasts to iTunes-starting a podcast

After you have recorded multiple episodes, you can share podcasts. Apple’s IOS Podcast application is the world’s largest podcast player, accounting for 60 to 70% of the market. That is why many podcasts claim that iTunes podcast is the only folder that matters.starting a podcast

Make sure you have the following before you submit your application:starting a podcast

  • Title, author and description of your podcast
  • 1400 x 1400 image file or in JPG or PNG format
  • Valid RSS feed URL
  • Apple ID
  • iTunes

Once you have met the requirements, the next step is to optimize your podcast to improve your iTunes ranking. Although optimization does not help you to appear on the homepage and the new and valuable lists, it certainly helps you to rank in the search results. Here are some tips to improve your iTunes ranking:starting a podcast

Optimize content with keywords
If you use keywords, iTunes knows what your podcast is so that it can match your content to relevant searches. The key here is to know what the public is looking for. You can use the Google keyword planner to help you compile a keyword list. After creating a list, add the keywords in those areas:starting a podcast

Podcast Title – The podcast title must contain two or three qualified keywords for your podcast. For example: Steve’s Daily Show: NBA | basketball
Publisher Name – Enter your name and follow the title of your podcast here. For example, basketball from Steve Nash NBA
Podcast description – Write a description of your podcast here, but it also contains the same set of keywords that you used in the publisher title and publisher’s publication title.
Title and Podcast Description – Include the same set of keywords here.starting a podcast

Ask for comments and reviews
Another way to influence the iTunes rankings is to increase the number of ratings and opinions about podcasts. Many podcasts are difficult to get reviews because the audience often listens while on the move. However, there are ways to motivate listeners to spend a few minutes leaving a comment.starting a podcast

You can hold competitions where you opt for an occasional delivery of an episode to win a prize as increased or exclusive content. You can also ask for comments at the end of each episode to remind listeners to spend some time writing a few words about your show.starting a podcast

Share iTunes Link
After entering the iTunes podcast episode, contact iTunes and share it on your social media site and channels. Many still use their computers to listen and when they click on the iTunes connection, the number of downloads in iTunes increases. In addition, listeners do not need to download iTunes to open the connection and listen to your program. The ITunes platform offers work.starting a podcast

The more recordings your podcast receives, the greater the chance that you will be in the rankings.starting a podcast

Ask the audience to subscribe
One of the benefits of listening to your podcast in iTunes is that it is easy for them to subscribe. At the end of each episode, invite your listeners to click on the subscription button. Getting more subscribers increases your position in the iTunes search.starting a podcast

Step 5: Treat your podcast-starting a podcast

Although you can write great podcasts on a hosting service or view them in iTunes, nobody knows they exist before you sell them. You have to find an audience and tell them that your show is valuable to them. This is a difficult order for someone who has just started, but it is not impossible. In this section you will find some tips for creating a target audience for your podcast.starting a podcast

Connect to other podsters
Search for VA for other podcasts that can add value to your audience. Send emails that let these podcasters know what it is until an invitation is a guest at the show. You can also add that you would like to be in your podcast in return.starting a podcast

A large number of podcasts will be inclined to comply with your request, even when you start. First, interviewers offer you the opportunity to find virtually free content that gives value to their listeners. Secondly, attending their shows increases popularity by giving them access to your listeners. As far as you are concerned, interviews with established audiences with podcasts offer you the opportunity to be exposed. You also get access to the public.starting a podcast

Transcription and optimization
Use VA to copy the most fascinating parts of your interviews. Add the transcription to an article and place it on your site. The purpose of the article is to increase the audience. That is why your article does not have to share all the details of the show, but to attract the reader’s attention. Switch on the most interesting parts and let the audience download or upload your podcast.starting a podcast

Once you’ve created your podcast, the next step is to optimize it for search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving the ranking of your site in search engines such as Google. SEO includes publishing useful content with relevant keywords. To get your site ranked, you must find the keywords that your target audience is searching for search engines.starting a podcast

We recommend that you use the Google AdWords Keyword Planning tool to find the words and phrases that your audience is looking for.starting a podcast

Once you’ve identified the correct keywords, use them in the following sections of the article:

  • URL
  • title
  • body
  • Alternative caption
  • Meta description

The WordPress plug-ins can help you optimize your articles and make them suitable for Google, such as Yoast. With SEO you increase your chances that potential audiences will find your podcast in your searches. This is almost as important as the content itself.starting a podcast

Promote episodes on YouTube
After Google, YouTube is the largest content search engine, not Yahoo! or Bing. Almost 5 billion videos are shown every day on the video sharing site. Given the popularity of YouTube, it makes sense to try to penetrate the market.starting a podcast

Swords and Skala redirects and promotes podcasts on YouTube. Each episode receives tens of thousands of views. In the description of each video they contain a summary of the show and at the bottom a link to the show.starting a podcast

Watch video interviews later or share backstage in your podcasts so that people feel a stronger bond with the content.starting a podcast

Encourage episodes on Instagram
Instagram has 800 million monthly users and 500 million active daily users. The social media platform generates a lot of attention that you want to redirect to a podcast.starting a podcast

You may be wondering how you can sell audio files to a photo sharing program. TheArtofCharm gives us a good idea of ​​how. The personal development site uses attractive graphic images and contains a podcast quote to attract the attention of the public. Then they present the main idea of ​​an episode in the title together with the title of the episode. More importantly, they have a call to action that encourages viewers to click on the link in their bio to access episodes.

Although not included in the TheArtofCharm publication, many podsters also use hashtags. This is a word or group of words preceded by the # sign, such as #Podcast or # Episode08, meaning theme, theme, or other topics. Marketers use hashtags to index their messages and expand their brand.starting a podcast

This is a simple marketing strategy that can increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your site.starting a podcast

Step 6: Earn money with podcasts-starting a podcast

You can record your episodes because you like to; But of course it is still great to generate income from our investment in energy and resources. But before you make money on the site, Halelly Azulay, facilitator and speaker of The TalentGrow Show proposes to make podcasting main goals:starting a podcast

“Podcasting is a craft that needs scientific improvement and the public is evolving progressively.” As a completely new podcast you are engaged in practicing craftsmanship and creating a reliable relationship with the audience. You probably cannot realize the exposure yet. It is yours if you are in this early phase and that is good if you do not create these kinds of unrealistic expectations for yourself.starting a podcast

As a radio program, sponsorship can help you pay bills. Popular podcasts, such as Fire Entrepreneur and Adam Corola, earn thousands of dollars every month through sponsorship. Podcasts receive a payslip with the CPM model (cost-per-view) according to the Firefighter:starting a podcast

  • The 15-second role can generate or listen to $ 18 per 1000 views
  • The 60 second environment can generate or listen to $ 25 per 1000 views

To define quickly, a 15-second pre-order is where the host announces the product 15 seconds before the show. Similarly, the average 60-second role is where the host announces the product in 60 seconds over 40 to 70 percent of the show.starting a podcast

Generating $ 43 per episode does not sound much. If you can get 10,000 episodes, this is $ 430. If you do that 30 days a month, it’s $ 12,900. This is the formula that helps popular podcasts live through podcasting.starting a podcast

Affiliate links
You will eventually find products and services that your listeners value. You can take advantage of this by using linked links.starting a podcast

Instead of naming the sponsors of your podcast, you can quickly create a video, audio track or article to promote your product or service. Then enable the strategic placement link in your content. You generate income every time the listener visits the partner’s website and buys a product. Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome wins a lot of money by bringing BlueHost to the public. He was so successful that BlueHost created a site on his website to give Flynn fans a special offer.starting a podcast

In the November report, Pat Flynn generates $ 33,075 in revenue from his BlueHost affiliate marketing program.starting a podcast

Books and e-books
When you generate free podcasts, you ultimately create valuable content that you can create in a book or e-book. The maker of, Jon Nastor, did such a thing. He uses some segments of his podcasts and combines them with new content to create his book. The journey of the book does not end here. It turns it into an e-book and turns it into a leading generator for its email marketing campaign.starting a podcast

The main case
Podcasting is a growing area with millions of listeners. However, before you start podcasting, you must consider costs, licenses, advertisements, and earnings. You need around $ 1000 to get started with equipment and licenses. In addition, you have to spend more on marketing so that the public can find you. Continue to produce quality features and you can finally find sponsors and affiliates to help you generate income. With the help of this guide you can work on the success of your podcasting activities.starting a podcast

To start a podcast in 6 steps-starting a podcast
Step 1: Select your theme-starting a podcast
Step 2: Consider using and buying equipment-starting a podcast
Step 3: Record and edit your podcast-starting a podcast
Step 4: Send podcasts to iTunes-starting a podcast
Step 5: Treat your podcast-starting a podcast
Step 6: Earn money with podcasts-starting a podcast


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