Best video and podcasting equipment-video podcast equipment

The last thing I get a lot of questions about the equipment you use when recording podcasts and videos, so I thought I’d share them here. I want to share the lighting, camera and microphone that I use when recording a podcast or video and connect to everything in this blog so you can find out more about each podcast equipment

Microphones-video podcast equipment

First, let’s talk about podcast equipment

I use the same microphone when creating a podcast or video and the name podcast equipment

This microphone is actually very affordable. You can now find it on Amazon for less than $ 55. I really appreciate that this doesn’t save much background podcast equipment

I also recommend using a pop filter for it. For such a microphone, I actually only have two dollar foaming screens that go just above podcast equipment

Lighting-video podcast equipment

Let’s talk about the lights. The first series of lamps that I have purchased is the one that is still used today and the softbox lighting of the kit is podcast equipment

This set comes with two light standards, as well as light bulbs and the whole set and a carrying case and is located in an apartment again, so the space is fine and I love that I can really fold that light. and put them in a very small carrying bag that I can break through anywhere in my podcast equipment

So if you haven’t bought a lighting kit yet because you are limited in space, don’t worry, they make lighting sets that fold down and rise very nicely and podcast equipment

One of the things that I don’t like about this lighting set is that it cannot be adjusted, so you have either light or light. I bought this Amazon set for $ podcast equipment

When you record a podcast you usually use light to use the Softbox that is dedicated to the face a little more, but when you record, make sure to use both. I have one that I see on one side and now lit up in the background and actually has a different light that I use when recording videos I just received and just an upgrade to the last videos you’ve seen and those that was ringlight, so we are talking about the podcast equipment

The Diva Ring light was definitely an upgrade and something you don’t need when you start. I love that the light is adjustable, so that I can make it brighter or more alert than I need. I want to warn you, it gives me a little headache if you look too long, but it’s worth having a big light, right?video podcast equipment

If you start, I would not recommend starting this. There are less expensive versions of Diva Ring Light that you can get if you want to pamper yourself a little more, but if you are ready to take their lighting seriously, I recommend this light. I loved him so much. You can now download Diva Ring Light for around $ 279 on Amazon. Again, I know this is a great luxury, so there is no need to start, but I want to say that I use it now and recommend it if you have a podcast equipment

Cameras-video podcast equipment

Now let’s talk about the cameras. The first camera that I bought for my company is the one that I use almost podcast equipment

This is a Logitech C920 webcam and I love this thing. This webcam has a fantastic quality and use it every time you make webinars, video images and record many videos with this webcam. This camera is also what I use when recording podcasts. I think this is the perfect camera when you actually sit on the computer and work and best of all you can get on Amazon for less than $ 64, which is great for those of you who are just starting to make podcast equipment

When I record YouTube videos or videos of a higher quality, I use the Canon Rebel T6i. It is a DSLR camera, which means that you can change the lenses and get extra flexibility. I was very happy to use podcast equipment

I love Canon’s camera and the software that comes with it. Setting up an external monitor is very simple, you can see what happens at the back of the camera and have a cover that I can assure you that I have framed and done the right podcast equipment

When making videos with Canon, I recommend that you use an external microphone for high quality sound than you get from the camera. You can only get the body of this camera for about $ 749 on Amazon at the moment, so it’s a bit podcast equipment

Canon Rebels are less expensive, so make sure they have what you need. For me, the screen release was mandatory and I should be able to record it in the computer and I really wanted a high-quality camera that was worth it for podcast equipment

If you need more than just the camera body, you may need a lens or carrying case, be sure to check out all the different packages available online where you can get some money for your podcast equipment

Lenses-video podcast equipment

Now let’s talk about lenses. Lens is also used to record a Canon 50 mm f / 1.8.

I think it is great that this lens gives me a blurred background and gives me a good depth of field, so stand out a bit more in these videos, but that means that the camera must be a little further away from me than with a normal lens, so if you have less space and at least you can’t get the camera a meter away from you, you might want to make another lens. You can now get this lens from Amazon for around $ 125. It’s a bit of luxury. Again, that is why I encourage people who are just starting to buy one of the packages where you can buy the camera body and the lens that go with it, but any lens with a blurred background will be more expensive, so this is it, considering it fact that the lenses are f / 1.4, can be sold for more than $ 125. But I was very happy with this lens, so if you are ready to upgrade your video, check it podcast equipment

Now you know what you use to play your videos and podcasts with me. Check the description below the video to get links to a named product. Also made a free list for you, so you can be sure that you have all the necessary equipment for podcasts and videos, regardless of your podcast equipment

Best video and podcasting equipment-video podcast equipment
Microphones-video podcast equipment
Lighting-video podcast equipment
Cameras-video podcast equipment
Lenses-video podcast equipment


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