What you need to perform a podcast-What is needed to start a podcast

Podcasting is perhaps the largest media this year, but still feels like a radio station: secret, the only club where amateurs, bloggers and enthusiasts bleed in the name of the content instead of financial compensation – even though it doesn’t look back.What is needed to start a podcast

One of the problems that podcasting still has to deal with is that it can be difficult to get started. It is sufficient that anyone with mobile phones can make one, but at the moment it is difficult to make one. It doesn’t come without a little brain juice and fat for the elbow.What is needed to start a podcast

“I think the series is a very big moment, and there are people who would never have it before – it’s great for all podcast producers,” said the host of WYNC New Tech City Manoush Zomorodi. “But while the same audience watching the” Today “show doesn’t know how to podcast, we’re not there yet.”What is needed to start a podcast

Thanks to the nature of podcasting, the conversation with the stores has always been part of the culture. People like to talk about which devices they use to show the recorded programs, how they came together and how other interested people can sign up. It may be the only membership club, but membership is definitely open to everyone.What is needed to start a podcast

“My podcast is related to human technology-related dilemmas – for busy people with children or older parents and perhaps not very intelligent technologies. I hope (and I ask) to make podcasting easier to make New Tech City a regular hit “Zomorodi.What is needed to start a podcast

And hey: It can happen to you too.

EQUIPMENT-What is needed to start a podcast

Everything is connected to the sound, which means that everything is connected to the microphone and the decent headphones and what you choose to record.What is needed to start a podcast

While you can literally start podcasting with the microphone of the phone to register, there is a special microphone. There are also many choices. Dan Benjamin, who manages a network of podcasts for many years and records his sound, has recently updated his list of podcasting recommendations; The microphone it offers for ground floor users is the robust Samson C01U Pro USB studio condenser, which costs around $ 79, including the standard.What is needed to start a podcast

Among the various useful parts, he disturbs the choice of devices in price and severity, beginner or advanced. Benjamin has also recorded a microphone video – an important part of making a quality microphone sound as good as possible.What is needed to start a podcast

Sufficient headphones can also be important. Again, some old headphones let you hear the conversation, but if you have special headphones, even if they’re cheap, you’ll hear every little detail – and a nasty pop. This is important, among other things, because Jason Snell of Six Colors refers to help with microphone technology. Sennheiser HD 202 IIs work for around $ 25.What is needed to start a podcast

Benjamin’s headphone recommendation: Sennheiser HD 202 IIs
For those who are a bit more serious, more items, such as a pop filter, microphone stand or punch, can improve some of the finer details and make the sound much better. For example, placing the microphone instead of the table that reduces noise caused by touching objects on the desktop gives you free space and allows you to use your hands freely to take notes and have a real conversation.What is needed to start a podcast

START OF THE SOFTWARE-What is needed to start a podcast

Creating a podcast yourself is as easy as recording audio (don’t get too close to the microphone). What becomes difficult is when there is more than one person, especially if they are not in the same room. Casey Liss, part of Acckast Tech’s Podkastkata (or ATP), recently wrote about how to record a program with two other machines that are not physically with you.What is needed to start a podcast

  • Skype to call
  • Piezo records the end of the conversation directly from the microphone
  • Call recorder for recording on both sides of the conversation, usually for reservation

When recording audio, either record someone speaking the same number – so the sound listens to people talking during a conference call – or record everyone in their own number.What is needed to start a podcast

A popular option for external podcast items is Skype to facilitate the conversation because each person enters their own computer. Then someone has to record each of the recorded songs and mix them into an audio program. “Especially,” writes Marco Arment, “who listens, I never need to know that you are using Skype.”What is needed to start a podcast

Giving each way means that any kind of operation can be done much easier – the volumes can be adjusted or canceled. This or only variant is what you want to do to get a better podcast sound.What is needed to start a podcast

Alex Goldman from WNYC, a new podcast maker from Tech City, recommends Reaper as a powerful audio editing software. For $ 60, it offers similar features to a more expensive program such as Pro Tools.What is needed to start a podcast

There are GarageBand on Mac or Audacity, popular and free options for the platforms.

If you want to record more spontaneous and removable podcasts, applications such as Opinion or Speaker Studio use the phone as a viable alternative like everything else.What is needed to start a podcast

HOSTING / DISTRIBUTION-What is needed to start a podcast

The most difficult part of podcasting is telling people. The basic idea is to record audio, put it on the internet and then connect it to a podcast folder. The iTunes Store is of course the largest and most popular place to find and manage podcast subscriptions. But iTunes does not store audio – it is simply the largest distributor of audio links.What is needed to start a podcast

You must find a place to keep your sound online. Be prepared to spend money on hosting the audio files, but depending on the number of records displayed and the length, hosting should not be expensive.What is needed to start a podcast

Libsyn is one of the most popular options with plans starting at $ 5 a month and older. Simplecast is another service that costs $ 12 a month, but announces the fastest and easiest option to get started. You can also upload Podcast to SoundCloud as an audio file, but you cannot distribute it via RSS, iTunes, or other services unless you are a member of SoundCloud’s Podcast beta program. The company currently accepts requests here.What is needed to start a podcast

You can also host podcasts yourself, but it can be quite expensive if the show becomes popular. A special hosting service is the best bet for people who have just started.What is needed to start a podcast

After you upload your podcast to the Internet, you must create a feed that you can send to the iTunes Store or other distribution channels. Again, this may be a reason to consider a podcast-focused host, as they will offer an iTunes-compatible channel. The reason you want to use an external service such as Feedburner is the biggest management problem that if you change hosting providers, there is less chance of a break the show has given to the listeners.

Apple sets a number of guidelines, including the size of album covers that you should have. One of the benefits of hosting the podcast from a specialized podcast service is that it standardizes the introduction of the required information for iTunes compatibility.What is needed to start a podcast

At this time you can also send the RSS feed to your podcast to other stores and directories such as Stitcher Radio. Good shows are often presented in different folders (stores), but you can’t trust it as a way to listen to people.What is needed to start a podcast

When you launch your show, find out where your podcast theme fits and join the forums to spread the word for your podcast. Places like Reddit have an area dedicated to almost every object you can imagine. If you show that it is worth it, it can be a good way to spread it.What is needed to start a podcast

There are also apps and websites with great podcasts such as Podcast Gift that focus on business, design and technology. Podcasts are another that cover new podcasts, so users can vote for their favorites.What is needed to start a podcast

Tips and tricks-What is needed to start a podcast

Here are some different tips and tricks that can be useful if you are not familiar with podcasting or know all the ropes.

Jason Snell is aware of the environment: “Curtains and bookshelves and other functions that can swallow or spread sound can help. Entering different rooms and finding a place that reduces echo and ambient noise.”What is needed to start a podcast
Marco Arment to improve sound quality: “In the audio editor of your choice, connect the EQ setting that lowers the bass (and maybe a part of the above high) and a slight drop in the neighborhood of 1-2 kHz, so it has almost the shape of a very short, wide “m”.What is needed to start a podcast

All three of the most important tips from Manoush Zomorodi:

Make sure you leave enough room before you start / end the conversation. This makes it easier to edit.
Write your introductions and see you soon. It is harder to tear than you think.What is needed to start a podcast
Listen to favorite podcasts and think about what you like. Do you want listeners to move quickly or withdraw when they hear you?

What you need to perform a podcast-What is needed to start a podcast
EQUIPMENT-What is needed to start a podcast
START OF THE SOFTWARE-What is needed to start a podcast
HOSTING / DISTRIBUTION-What is needed to start a podcast
Tips and tricks-What is needed to start a podcast


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